Dear members of the EUC and CERA,

A few days ago, I learned of the call to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the EUC Costa Esuri, to be held next Friday, 3  March.

I was thinking of commenting on the Annual Accounts for the years 2021 and 2022 and on the Budget for the year 2023, as I have done in previous years, but, given the few days left, I do not want to confuse you with numbers. These comments are brief:

First, my vote will be NEGATIVE to all the proposals of the EUC Council, except to conduct an audit of the Accounts for the years 2018-2021 and not 2019-2022 as stated in the call, because what was approved at the AGM held in 2022 (and the Council subsequently ratified) was for the years 2018-2021.

All Presidents, as representatives of the Communities, along with plot and villa owners, are free and responsible for their vote; voting NO to the proposals of the Council implies a vote of censure to their management and to the decisions they made without submitting them to the approval of the highest decision-making body (the AGM).

I will vote NO because:

  • The Call to the AGM, does not meet the legal requirements provided for in the Statutes, and has not been notified more than fifteen days before the date of Meeting.
  • The procedure of voting through the responsible declaration document is not regulated and is not transparent. In the year 2022, a few days after the AGM, members of the EUC and CERA went to the office of the EUC to attend the counting to see the result of the votes. The Secretary of the Council, as well as the member representing the City Council, did not allow us to participate.
  • I do NOT agree with the EUC Council not making public the CENSUS of members of the EUC attending the Meeting and also not making public the names of the owners that are not current with their fees and, therefore, not being allowed to exercise their vote.
  • I do NOT agree with both the EUC Council and the City Council not providing Annex I of the Statutes where the co-efficient of each plot appears. Its publication has been requested from the EUC and the City Council, the Transparency Council has resolved that we have the right to know it and it should be published. But still they don’t publish it … what are they hiding?
  • I do NOT agree that there is more than €5 million due from fees not collected, which amount has been growing since 2009 when they were first collected at around €400,000 a year.
  • I do not agree that the Council or the Tributaria, with the consent of the EUC board, negotiate with large debtors. We do not know who these debtors are, the content of the negotiations or its outcome.
  • I am NOT satisfied that investors, who have purchased properties with arrears due, have paid them – the amounts are not detailed in the Accounts.
  • I do not agree that the Council and its President do not have to submit their management to the approval of the Assembly.
  • I am NOT satisfied that the Council and its President do not submit, in writing, a report of their management, as required by the Statutes.

Some of these irregularities are reflected in the Annual Accounts. Thus, in those of 2022, is reflected the payment and expense of €6,056.58 for repairs made in the so-called “sports court”, an irregular facility that is on a plot of municipal property and is not intended for sports use. This is a matter that does not fall within the competence of the EUC and therefore of the Council, despite the fact that it may be used and enjoyed by young people living in Costa Esuri.

Also in the Accounts, is the cost of the arranging and upkeep of playgrounds in the amount of €64.261,15. The purpose of the EUC is not to replace elements or to carry out works of this nature which are the responsibility of the Town Hall.

  • I do NOT agree with the lack of transparency in the action of the Council and the impediments it places on requests for information.
  • I do not agree with the Council not complying with the rules of the Law of Public Sector Contracts, the Law of Transparency of Andalusia, or the Law of Common Administrative Procedure.

I think it is good that the EUC Council requests and makes claims to the City Council for improvements in Costa Esuri, but I do not agree that the EUC Council should fix what the City Council does not, for example, the missing streetlights, the fountains, uncontrolled landfills and other issues.

I have requested the suspension of the AGM and for a new call to be issued in a legally correct manner. If the Meeting is held, I will vote NO to all proposals because I do not want to be an accomplice to the actions of the EUC. I will attend and vote NO as a sign of censure to the whole EUC and especially to its President.

Thank you for your attention.

Francisco Tapia Catalán.

If you are unable to attend the EUC General Meeting on March 3, you may delegate your proxy and vote to another person in attendance or to a member of the CERA committee.

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