AGM 2021 ENG

The Costa Esuri Residents Association (CERA) will soon hold its 2021 Annual General Meeting.

In addition to the mandatory matters, this year the ten members of the Committee must be elected.

Although due to the circumstances derived from Covid-19, the Association has had little visibility among the residents, the members of the Committee have been working throughout this period, keeping the members informed of the matters that affect Costa Esuri, and intervening within our capacity in everything that we consider to be of interest to the residents.

We have not been able to organize events or social activities, which is a very important objective of the Association and which we hope to be able to carry out in the near future.

Being a member of the Committee is a pro bono job that requires personal commitment to help better the coexistence of the community, in all its aspects, which we try our best to do.

We are sure that there are many people in Costa Esuri with the knowledge and desire to participate in this work.

We would like to invite members to come forward and join the committee to collaborate in the many tasks that await us. 

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