AGM 2021


The Members of the Costa Esuri Residents Association (CERA) are hereby called to the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING that will take place at the premises of Codelsur at the beginning of the road to Costa Esuri from the A-49, on the left, at 10:30 for 11:00, to deliberate and decide on matters included in the following


1.- Approval, if applicable, of the minutes of the previous AGM (October 31, 2020).
2.- Approval of the Committee’s management for 2020.
3.- Approval of the Accounts at 31 December 2020.
4.- Resignation of all members of the current Committee.
5.- Election and/or re-election and appointment of members of the Committee.
6.- Proposal to grant powers to the President to file contentious-administrative appeals on behalf of the members of the CERA, all of them owners and therefore members of the EUC Costa Esuri, in case the Committee considers that they are necessary.
7.- Any other business.


. The meeting will be accessed through the path that used to give access to the Fadesa sales premises.

.  Members that cannot attend can grant their proxy to any other member, in writing sent to the secretary by email to, or in person, in advance of the General Meeting, to any CERA member who attends or a Committee member. The proxy shall state the date of the meeting.

The following documents will be forwarded to any CERA member who requests them:

Minutes of the AGM held on the 31 October 2020
Accounts for 2020.
A sample proxy.

The President

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