Dear CERA members and residents in Costa Esuri,

At the General Assembly of the EUC held on March 29, 2022, under point 4 of its agenda, the audit of the EUC’s accounts was put to vote and approved by large majority (20.94% in favor, 0.80% against).
Following this vote, the EUC Council said an Extraordinary Meeting would be held to approve the cost and periods to be audited.
Subsequently, the Council has dealt with this issue on their meetings held on 18 May and 22 June 2022. 
The minutes of the meeting held on 18 May say that information to this purpose was requested from the Tributaria and had not yet been provided. That they cannot obtain a budget for the audit without knowing data for all the owners. They also request that the CERA gave them information from Audit firms the CERA had obtained, which the CERA has done even though it’s not our responsibility.

The minutes of 22 June insist on the same “problems”, specifying that the Town Hall has been requested to give their approval to Tributaria to provide the Council with the EUC’s members data, which the Town Hall has not done.

If these data were not received, therefore, an audit of only the available accounts would be considered.

The deductions I make from the scarce information shown on the minutes of both meetings is:

  • That the EUC’s Council does not even know who collects the EUC’s fees. Nor do they know if there is any contract signed with any Official Tax Collections Service, much less, the terms to which the collection would be subject.
  • The EUC’s Council does not have information from the EUC’s members, thereafter they are unable to collect fees, as well as to carry out any accurate accountancy, thus violating the EUC’s Statutes.
Under these conditions how can accurate, complete and truthful annual accounts be drawn up? Who manages the EUC Costa Esuri?
Art. 40º of the Statutes says that the accounting and the Annual Accounts will be kept and obtained on the basis of principles of general acceptance defined in the framework of the accounting law.
Art. 29 of the Statutes states that it is the specific function of the Governing Council: A) To execute the agreements of the General Assembly.
Why is the Governing Council delaying to order an audit voted by the General Assembly?
The object of an accounting audit is the review and verification of the Annual Accounts, as well as of other financial statements or accounting documents, prepared in accordance with the regulatory framework of financial information that is applicable.
The accounting audit shall consist of verifying the Annual Accounts for the purpose of determining whether they give a true and fair view of the audited entity’s equity, financial position and results, in accordance with the resulting financial reporting regulatory framework.
This is what EUC members want to know, whether the accounting complies with the generally accepted accounting standards and principles included in the accounting regulatory framework; and whether the Annual Accounts express the true image of the estate, the financial position and profit or loss of the Entity.
I hereby request the Governing Council to convene, as soon as possible, an Extraordinary General Assembly to determine the years to be audited (at least two), and to select the company to perform it. All that is not so is to make excuses and impediments to its realisation.
Without any further excuses.
Francisco Tapia Catalán
Sept. 22


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