The bus service in Costa Esuri is pending resolutions that must be adopted by the Ayamonte City Council and that the Board of Directors will continue to request.

While a solution is being reached, we will launch an initiative for travel between Costa Esuri and Ayamonte, which will not only alleviate the lack of public transport, but will also promote the shared use of private vehicles, the improvement of the environment and solidarity between neighbors.

It will be an economical, ecological and quick way to move, based on trust and participation, and that is nothing more than establishing hitchhiking points and signals.

Many of us go to Ayamonte almost daily, and at some point we have to return. It costs us nothing to take someone to town or to back. 

For those who are willing to do so, we have a small hitchhiking sign to put on the windshield of the car, and so whoever wants us to take them, can tell us. Concrete action points will be the current bus stops.

This poster, which measures 20x15cms, can be printed from this page or collected from January 4, 2020, any Saturday between 12 and 13 hours in the cafeteria of the Golf Club, where a member of the Board of Directors will be.

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