Dear CERA members and residents of COSTA ESURI,

I would like to share with you some of my feelings after reading the minutes of the last EUC’s Board meeting held on 6 February 2024 (published on In my opinion, what it’s reflected in them clearly shows the terrible management that the EUC’s Board is carrying out.

During the meeting held on October 9, 2023, it was said that the Board was discontented with the performance of MR Managing Madrid, S.l.( the EUC’s administrator at that time) and the possibility to eventually contract a different Administrator. Also, the decision was made to hold the AGM on March 8, to approve the accounts of 2023 and the budget for 2024, among other items

According to the minutes of the EUC’s Board meeting held on November 27, 2023, following MR Managering Madrid SL’s decision to cease on its functions on February 23, 2024, the EUC’s Board  carried out an extremely quick procedure and in just a few days signed a contract with Fincas Esury  for a two-year period with effect from March 1, 2024. The terms of such contract have not been disclosed, so we don’t know the price nor any of its stipulations. 

The procedure to name new administrator has been contested before the Ayuntamiento, as the EUC’s supervisor body. Not only for what we believe was incorrect procedure, but also because the Board’s period of mandate expired on the 29 October 2023 and therefore it should not adopt decisions that commit the EUC for the future. Actually, the Board’s duty was to call an EGM for its renewal, which of course has not happened.

That was the background. Let’s now talk about the EUC’s Board meeting held on February 6, 2024.

This meeting, surprisingly, was held at the premises of Fincas Esuri -whose contract starts on the 1st of March -, with the attendance of its two managers. The current administrator -MR Managing Madrid, S.L.- whose contract is in force until the 24th of February, did not attend.  What was the reason for this? The EUC’s President should provide some explanation.

According to the minutes of this meeting, Fincas Esuri requested MR Managering Madrid in various formal ways to deliver the EUC’s files, which the later had not done. Documents and information such as databases, accounts, budgets, etc, necessary for the AGM announced for March 8. Therefore, the AGM has been put off until the last Friday of April. The EUC’s Statutes establish that the AGM must be held in the first quarter.

Of course MR Managering Madrid is not obliged to transfer any documents until the 23th of February. But its contractual obligation was, at that stage, to have them ready for the AGM foreseen for the 8th of March. The EUC’s accounts should already be prepared. How could the Board not be aware of this?

The administrator is contractually obliged to present quarterly accounts to the Board, as the Statutes establish. Balance Sheet and Income and Loss account, every quarter. The budget for 2024 should have been prepared before December 2023, the Annual Accounts for 2023 should also be prepared, because the Board should approved them during the first quarter of the year. None of this has been done, according to the minutes of all the meetings held in 2023 and the minutes of the meeting held on February 6 and.

In view of the situation, the Board agreed that if Fincas Esuri has to prepare the documents for the AGM to be held on April, they will be paid extra for this work. Meaning, we, the owners, will pay twice.

It seems that the EUC’s Board has not been aware of any of this. Which means that the EUC’s Board has not had a look at the EUC’s accounts for all 2023. Also, that the EUC’s Board has not watched over the administrator’s functions. If the Board was aware since October 2023 that MR Managering Madrid would not continue as administrator, why did they not take steps to ensure that this did not happen? On the other hand, having in mind the EUC’s Board usual performance this does not come as a surprise.

It is the statutory responsibility of the EUC Board’s President to exercise all functions related to the management, governance and administration of the EUC Costa Esuri. What follows from the minutes of the Board meetings, is that there is a complete lack of control over the administrator’s work and duties. Have they been paid every month without having done their job?

The current President of the CR EUC, has been in office since 31 March 2017. He should have the necessary experience to prevent this happening. How will the next AGM develop?  What guarantees will we have of the reliability of the accounting and the Annual Accounts?

I have long since withdrawn my confidence in the EUC Board’s President, and what has happened this year reinforces my resolve.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much and that it helps you to make up your mind when the AGM is finally held.

Sincerely, thank you for your attention.

Francisco Tapia, member of the Association


  1. Estimado Sr Tapias

    Informese bien antes de manipular a sus socios con esa cantidad de mentiras sobre la EUC. Debe ser que esta desperado por entrar en la misma.
    La empresa administradora gano en buena forma. Se invitaron a 5 empresas en las mismas condiciones, todas reconocidas, y de Ayamonte como condición, que casualidad que ninguna se quejo de la ganadora, solo usted y su grupito manipulador de información. Los términos para ofertar están a la orden para el que quiera verlos. y para su sorpresa la empresa Fincas Esury oferto mas barato que el precio de MR Managering Madrid que tenia la EUC desde el 2016, y con una licitación del ayuntamiento se obtuvo un precio hace 7 años mayor que el de ahora, que tal. la empresa ganadora tiene mas funciones, mas competencias y con menos tarifa..
    Tambien se refiere a nuestro compañero concejal como que impugno la solicitud de ofertas. no fue así, Simplemente el alcalde nos ofreció hacer una licitación formal y a sabiendas que eso tardaría mucho y como no teníamos administradora en funciones, se voto en el consejo que se invitaran via correo electrónico a empresas y se evaluaron las ofertas en el consejo.

    Además no ponga fechas para elecciones del consejo. Sera a su debido tiempo, y como mandala ley y los imprevistos.

    Se habla con pruebas. Lo demás son chismes de alcoba.

    EUC de Costa E$suri

    NOTA: Espero que no borre esta aclaratoria para sus miembros. Democracia al fin


    Dear Mr. Tapias

    Inform yourself well before manipulating your members with this amount of lies about the EUC. It must be that you are desperate to get into it.
    The management company won in a good way. Five companies were invited under the same conditions, all recognized, and from Ayamonte as a condition, what a coincidence that none complained about the winner, only you and your little group manipulating information. The terms to bid are on order for those who want to see them. and to your surprise the company Fincas Esury bid cheaper than the price of MR Managering Madrid that had the EUC since 2016, and with a tender of the town hall was obtained a price 7 years ago higher than now, how about. the winning company has more functions, more competences and with less fee….
    You also refer to our fellow councilman as contesting the request for bids. it was not so, Simply the mayor offered us to do a formal tender and knowing that would take a long time and as we had no acting administrator, it was voted in council to invite via email to companies and bids were evaluated in council.

    Also, do not set dates for board elections. It will be in due time, and as mandated by law and contingencies.

    You speak with evidence. The rest is just gossip.

    EUC of Costa E$suri

    NOTE: I hope you will not delete this clarification for your members. Democracy at last

    1. Este comentario va firmado por “EUC Costa Esuri”. Quien es tan ignorante como para hacer un comentario firmado por “EUC Costa Esuri”? Quien es tan ignorante como para arrogarse la representación de todos los miembros (más de 4.000) de la EUC Costa Esuri? Esta persona debe hablar por sí, dar la cara, como debe ser, pero no firmar como EUC Costa Esuri.

      This comment is signed by “EUC Costa Esuri”. Who is so ignorant as to make a comment signed by “EUC Costa Esuri”? Who is so ignorant as to arrogate to himself the representation of all members (more than 4,000) of the EUC Costa Esuri? This person should speak for himself, show his face, as it should be, but not sign as EUC Costa Esuri.

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