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We have recently discovered that the bus service between Costa Esuri and Ayamonte has been cancelled! This happened at the beginning of the summer at a time when more residents and holidaymakers come to Costa Esuri, many of whom having no other way to get into town or go to the beach. Without prior notice, DAMAS has terminated the service and the Town Hall has consented to it!

The Committee of CERA has strongly protested and will continue to demand the re-establishment of this service, which (although never very satisfactory) at least was a bus service of sorts.

We are very disappointed and saddened by this development, especially as we fought so hard to get the service established originally. We will keep you updated of any changes that may occur.

Throughout 2014, members of the Committee of CERA held numerous meetings with directors of DAMAS and with the Town Councillor for Urban Planning, seeking the provision of public transport in Costa Esuri. Several alternatives were proposed and finally the only viable solution was the one offered by DAMAS.

The schedules were not those that best suited the needs of our Urbanisation, but DAMAS imposed them since it used buses that made the route between Ayamonte and Villablanca or Isla Cristina.

The itinerary proposed by the CERA Committee was accepted and, after several visits with the local police, permits were obtained for the location of the bus stop signage. Initially, given the delay in its installation, we had to chalk out the position of the bus stops on the pavement again and again due to the rains that erased the markings. The posters advertising the bus service were designed and paid for by CERA.

Finally, on 12 January, 2015, the first bus arrived in Costa Esuri. The ticket cost 1 and it was agreed that in summer, with the same ticket, you could come and go from Esuri to and from town and the beach. It was a very happy day which showed that our efforts were finally rewarded! A bus service began that we all needed and that we hoped would improve over time.

Unfortunately, the bus service never worked well. Frequently, neither the schedules nor the itinerary were followed, so residents who took children to school or who had arranged appointments stopped using it due to its unreliability.

The malfunctioning of the service and the low use of it led to the hours being reduced. From the initial five scheduled times of the service, it was reduced to three and finally to only one. In contrast, Isla Canela enjoys a bus service every hour throughout the year, despite a similar lack of use, except for the summer season.

Currently, the service is non-existent. We will not accept this state of affairs and will continue to demand a service to which we are entitled and which, by law, the Town Hall is obliged to provide.

We believe that the Town Hall WILL fulfil its obligations to Costa Esuri and, for that reason, we will continue to maintain the bus stop signage throughout our Urbanisation.

  • Law 7/1985, of 2 April, regulating the Bases of the Local Regime …

    Article 26

    1. The Municipalities must provide, in any case, the following services:

    a) In all the Municipalities: public lighting, cemetery, waste collection, street cleaning, household supply of drinking water, sewerage, access to the population centres and paving of public roads.

3 thoughts on “Bus Service”

  1. Ann mariebrennan

    I was an.owner in costa esuri for many years and I cannot understand why a bus service is not supplied as far as I remember the smaller ayamonte bus went as far as the industrial estate so why not continue on up into esuri. The residents pay as much taxes as the residents in the town( proberly more) for what???????costa esuri could be a great place and a booming holiday destination if you didnt have to hire a car in portugal(another madness) I,m glad im.not still an.owner but would still be if the transport was available,
    but saddened to see nothing has changed since 2005, trapped in paradise relying on taxis or the kindness of resident’s. Not good enough we were promised all the services when buying the properties.

  2. Alan Young La Jara

    My Wife and I are irregular Visitors to CE and do solely use a hire car. However we would like to add our concerns on behalf of the occasional Family Member who visits (They were coming this month but Flights got cancelled) and our amazement that DAMAS and the Town Hall could act in such a casual fashion. CERA fought long and hard for this service to be provided and to have it withdrawn WITHOUT NOTICE is simply arrogant. It goes without saying that it was obvious that a smaller bus would have sufficed but it was DAMAS’s decision to run a large bus as an add on to the Isla Canela run.

  3. Susan Perez Lloyd

    Why are they allowed to do this without letting the residents know. Could they not have used a smaller bus, also been better with timings, we all pay towards the maintenance of the Urbanización. Really hope we can get this reinstated

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