Bus service

As we have been informing you, the Costa Esuri Neighbors Association has been asking the City Council to reestablish the bus service, proposing schedules that were appropriate to the needs of the residents. Visits to the doctor, shopping, opening and closing of shops, connection to the beach, stops at Mercadona on the way, …

The City Council has agreed on a service with the EUC Council that is consistent with the DAMAS itineraries, which we know from previous experience are not adequate and are hardly used, which led to their removal.

But we can no longer say that we do not have the service.

We are waiting for the price of the ticket, the stops, the itinerary and the connection with the beach bus with the same ticket to be specified.

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  1. Sylvia Phelps

    I would happy pay 5 euros to use the bus but only when they have more convenient times for shopping and connections for beach, can you take a small dog? On the bus ?

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