Works in Costa Esuri

The new trees are being planted properly and carefully, according to City Council technicians. The work and resources that it entails are important, since it involves repairing the channeling of general supplies that the roots of the old trees had rendered useless, and connecting new irrigation to most of the newly planted trees. All this […]

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Some neighbors are exceptional and critical with the repair of hidden defects, Obviously everything is improvable, but if we are objective, the works are covering a large part of the construction defects that existed previously, and if we take into account the budgetary and time constraints, the result may not seem so bad. Regardless of

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The planting of new trees is in the process of being done quite rapidly and we will soon see the replacement of  large amounts of trees around Costa Esuri which unfortunately damaged the pavements, streets and (although not visible) the underground water pipes and lighting conduits. When the planting of the new trees has been

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On Tuesday, 19 November, Ms. Ana María Mateos, the Town Planning Councillor, visited Costa Esuri, accompanied by the Heads of the Technical Department, Ms. Gema Pereira and D. Fabián Gómez. The objective of this visit was to show them the defective work carried out on the roads and to point out actual examples of these

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