CERA committee meeting 11 October 2020


Minutes of the meeting held on October 11, 2020 In Costa Esuri, Ayamonte, at 11:00 am


President: Ms. Nieves Gómez Rey
Vice President: Mr Paul Kelly, represented by Ms Martínez
Treasurer: Ms. Elisabete Osa, represented by Ms. Gómez Rey
Members: D. David Atkinson
Mrs. Annette Murray
Secretary: Ms. Marina Martinez

Thus, with six of the seven members that currently comprise it present and represented the Board of Directors is legally constituted to adopt all kinds of agreements.

The President opened the session.

1.- Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

All attendees declare that they know the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors held on September 12, 2020 and approved unanimously.

2.- Report of the President.

The President reports on messages exchanged with the Councillor for Mobility and the Councillor for the Economy and representative of the City Council in the Governing Council of the EUC. With the first in relation to the bus service and with the second for various matters of interest to Costa Esuri that we have been requesting for a long time. In both cases we are still being put on hold.
The President commented that we should consider the possibility of a neighbourhood presence, which should be properly organised and given the greatest publicity, an issue that we are going to study without delay, which Ms. Osa will take care of.

Mrs. Gómez also comments on the situation of the access road to Costa Esuri, whose maintenance, cleaning and pruning of oleanders corresponds to the City Council, it is agreed to send an email to the City Council requesting its cleaning.
On the other hand, the City Council has hired a new cleaning company, so we are going to ask them to confirm that it will also take care of the streets of Costa Esuri, as promised previously.

3.- Report of the Treasurer.

The Treasurer has reported that the balance in the Bank as of today is € 1,955.47, in petty cash there is € 218.06 as of today. The domain of the web page has been paid.
The collection of the golf tournament amounting to € 270 is pending to be paid into the Bank.

4.- EUC.

In the Ordinary General Assembly that we held in 2019 it was agreed that the Board of Directors of the Association would monitor the management of the EUC. Executing that agreement:

The EUC Council has not published any information after the minutes of its meeting of May 14, 2020. In the minutes of that meeting it is stated that “income for the first semester was € 478,604.20″ and that ” expenses until the end of April are € 159,663.73 ”, as well as the debt with the maintenance company (Comfortservi) at the end of April is € 115,231.62.

In the same minutes of May 14, it is reported that the Board has agreed to extend the maintenance contract for four more years, with an increase of 15% over the current contract. Since the Council does not publicise this contract, we do not know what modifications have been made to it.

On the other hand, in the accounts that the Board provides as of December 31, 2019, there is a payment in 2019 to Comfortservi of € 518,622.85, with which the historical debt with this company has been settled as recorded in the meeting minutes of the Governing Council itself of March 4, 2020.

In this same act of March 4, it is said that “in this year, the debt owed by the golf course has been collected”, without further details.

The Board of Directors has requested from the Governing Council clarification of various aspects of the Accounts, without any response being given to us.
For all these reasons, it is proposed to request an independent audit of the EUC accounts for the last four fiscal years, with the aim that the owners can have solid information on the accuracy of the accounting information. There is no doubt that opacity gives rise to speculation and this is not an advisable situation. It is unanimously approved to submit this proposal to the General Assembly of the Association.


The President explains that due to the situation derived from Covid19 it has not been possible to hold the Ordinary General Assembly of the Association in the period required by the statutes. Finally we have been able to agree on the rental of the Vista Verde social club, which will allow us a meeting of one hour at a cost of € 20 (which requires adequate sanitation) and capacity reduced to 25 people. If we take account of previous meetings we believe that this capacity is sufficient and propose that we hold the 2020 Ordinary General Assembly on October 31, 2020, which is unanimously agreed by the attendees.

In this context, the Secretary submits for approval the following Agenda for the Ordinary General Assembly:


Order of the day

1.- Report of the President.

2.- Approval, if applicable, of the minutes of the previous General Assembly (May 9, 2019).

3.- Approval of the management of the Board of Directors during 2019.

4.- Approval of the Accounts as of December 31, 2019.

5.- Request for an Audit of the last four fiscal years of the Costa Esuri Urban Conservation Entity.

6.- Any other business.

The Order of the Day is approved unanimously. The call and documentation will be sent immediately, as well as a proxy form for those who cannot attend.


7.- Approval of the Annual Accounts of the Association for the year 2019.

The Accounts of the Association for 2019 are presented for approval, which the Treasurer has previously sent to all attendees.

The income for the year was € 1,060,
the expenses € 1,733.90,
which means losses during the year of € 673.90 due to the expenses of the 2019 autumn party.

As of December 31, 2019 there are in the Association accounts € 2,238.96

The committee unanimously approve the Accounts, which will be attached to all those associated with the convocation of the General Assembly.

6.- Resignation of a member of the Board of Directors.

On October 7, Mr. Jean Paul Dercq resigned from his position as a member of the Board of Directors. The President and all the assistants thank Mr. Dercq for the many years he has been with us, actively collaborating in all the Association’s affairs and especially putting the Petanque Club into operation.

7.- Any other business

Once more we are seeing full garbage containers and others empty. Dogs on the loose in green areas whose poop spoil lawnmowers. Pruning without bagging. Bulky items that are left next to the containers and there is no call for collection. We remind neighbours again that we must improve our civic behaviour for the benefit of all.
With no other matters to discuss, the President thanks those present for their attendance and closes the meeting at 12:15.



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