CERA Committee meeting April 2024



Minutes of the meeting held on

 16 April 2024. In Costa Esuri,  

Ayamonte, at 12:00 noon.



President:          Dña. Nieves Gómez Rey


Mr. Terry McGuire (Represented)

Treasurer:           Mr. Paul Kelly


 Mr. Angel Cuevas López

 Ms. Mandy Middleto

 Ms. Eli Osa

D. Francisco Tapia Catalán  (Video)


Mr. Angel Cuevas acts as

secretary of the meeting.

Attending as guests: Steve, Jennifer and Marina Martínez.

With seven of its current members in attendance, the Board of Directors is legally constituted to adopt all kinds of agreements.

The president opens the session.

     2.- President’s report.

  • The President begins her speech by apologising to the members of the Board of Directors, Mandy and Paul, for not having informed them of the meeting held with Councillor Cobo to discuss the next EUC Assembly, it was a mistake not to have done so; both accept the apologies.
  • She then gave a summary of the meeting:
  • The first thing Mr. Cobo tells us is that the Town Hall can do nothing about the way in which the new administrator of the EUC has been chosen, they can do nothing about the system of contracting that the Governing Council (RC) has, to which Mrs. Martinez replies: “The Town Hall is in charge of the new administrator of the EUC. Martínez replies: “The Town Hall is very comfortable with what it has and with the current RC, the new administrator has been handpicked and the most serious thing is that now in the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) on the 26th April, this new administrator can represent a significant number of presidents of the owners’ communities which he administers, and therefore the votes could be directed by him, considers it a joke to hold the AGO under such conditions”.
  • Mr Cobo said that he could not find a way to resolve the administrator’s contract, that he had abstained from voting on it within the RC and that he had expressed his disagreement with the procedure. However, at the request of Mrs Martínez, he undertook to call a meeting with the head of the Town Council’s legal service to discuss these matters, and we are awaiting the meeting. He also undertook to call a meeting with him after each meeting held by the RC to inform us of what was discussed there.


3. Treasurer’s Report.

The treasurer, Mr Kelly, reports on the current state of the associations bank account.(Any member of the association who wishes to know the details of the account can contact the treasurer at the email below and he will be happy to inform them.)


In the previous period a purchase of €86 had been made for security software for the website.

4. General Assembly of the EUC Costa Esuri on April 26th


Mr. Tapia informs that he considers it necessary to present an alternative candidacy to the current composition of the EUC Governing Board and that if no other member of the Board wants to present himself as president he is willing to do so. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Cuevas offered to be members of the candidature. The three board members commented that they would be looking for people willing to fill the two remaining positions. They feel that it would be good to bring in residential or community chairpersons, who will talk to those they can, as well as people who ran in previous nominations. They will talk to the president of the inter-community of Vista Esuri.

At this point, Marina Martínez reinforced what Councillor Cobo had said at the last meeting: …… “that she will check with the legal advisor of the Town Council whether the appointment of the new administrator of the EUC was legal and that they will also review the possibility of changing the EUC Statutes.

We agreed to send, as soon as possible, a letter requesting the legal opinion of the legal services of the Town Hall on the validity of the announcement of the convocation of the General Assembly, as the Neighbourhood Association has well-founded doubts about the legality of the convocation made in this way and the requirements demanded in the same announcement. Take a paper copy to Mr. Cobo, to the municipal secretary and to the office of the legal advisor on the same Monday.

5. Forecast of actions for the second quarter of the year.

It was decided among all of us to focus our attention on the actions that we are carrying out to act in the AGO of the EUC, after the Assembly in May we will prepare the General Assembly of the Association and if the Minutes of the Assembly of the EUC are already known, the agreements adopted will be discussed.

For our Annual Assembly, we have to renew the Board of Directors by incorporating new members to replace the retiring committee members.

It is proposed to hold meetings of neighbours to discuss the problems of the urbanisation and the action to be taken by the association, as well as recreational meetings including lunch or dinner.

6. Miscellaneous matters.

Mrs. Martinez recalls that June 12th is the date for the hearing of the Appeal presented before the Huelva Court of Appeals, which the witnesses must attend, well in advance of the hearing.

Mrs. Martinez also recalls that the councillor Mr. Mayo and the head of the local police Mr. Do Carmo, seem to have forgotten their promises to take appropriate measures to reduce the speed of vehicles circulating in the vicinity of the shopping centre located in C R LOMAS.

Ms Elisabete Osa advised that Facebook posts should be shorter and a link to the blog on the website should be provided so that anyone wishing to find out more could read the full post.

With no other business, the chairperson thanked everyone for their attendance and adjourned the meeting at 13.20 hours.

Vº. Bº. 


 Nieves Gómez Rey


 Francisco Tapia Catalán  

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