CERA Committee meeting Jan 22

The committee of the Costa Esuri Neighborhood Association at its meeting on January 22, 2022 adopted, among others, the following agreement:

Request the Governing Council of the Costa Esuri Urban Conservation Entity to carry out an external audit of the Annual Accounts of said Entity for the years 2019 and 2020.

In the event that the Governing Council does not agree to this audit, the Neighborhood Association will order and finance it, as well as who will designate the auditing firm.

In this situation, if the opinion of the auditors reveals deviations in the preparation of the financial statements, the governing body of the EUC must agree to reimburse the Association for all the expenses incurred by it.

In that case, the Association undertakes in turn to return the donations to all those who contribute to the financing of this audit through the fundraising campaign that will start immediately.

The minutes of the meeting are available to members of the Association upon request.

1 thought on “CERA Committee meeting Jan 22”

  1. Alan William Young

    Excellent News. Positive action is always best. Let us know what personal level of contribution is thought necessary to take action if the EUC duck and dive as they usually do. No bad thing to get a War Chest ready. Alan and Pam La Jara

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