CERA committee meeting March 2020


  • Summer party.
  • Brexit meeting
  • Civic behaviour of  neighbours, loose dogs,rubble from building works.
  • New members to the Board of Directors, elected at our next General Assembly in May.
  • Petanque club
  • Debris removal
  • Minutes of the EUC Council of December 11, 2019
  • Call to AGM of the EUC for March 27, 2020.*

    *This call includes an amendment to the Bylaws that at that time was pending approval by the Council, since in “any other business” valid agreements cannot be adopted as the Council intended at its meeting on December 11, 2019 this amendment is not legal.

  • The EUC’s accounts for FY 2019 have not yet been published.
  • Response from the President of the EUC Council to our letter.

Acta de reunión del Consejo de la EUC de julio 2019


  • Post reminders of bagging garden waste, photos of loose dogs, and report these to Local Police.
  • Request those who produce rubble from building works to request a container from the City Council and not deposit them next to the garbage containers.
  • Ask the City Council for a container to collect used oil.
  • Publish a call to the EUC General Assembly
  • Publish written exchanges between the Association and the EUC Council.

The complete minutes of this meeting will be sent to any associate who requests it.

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