The minutes of the EUC Governing Council meetings held on August 18 and September 29, 2021, have been published on October 14, 2021.

We highlight of them:

* Minutes of August 18:

In Point 1 it is stated in relation to a SAREB debt:

“That in reference to the debt of € 198,151.00 related to the properties awarded by dation in payment last 2020, the SAREB entity proceeds to pay the amounts owed in full, within a period of one month from the acceptance of the agreement in owners’ meeting, proceeding by the community to a discount of € 46,442.20.

The closing of the agreement and payment of the amount indicated by “Sareb”, would terminate the community debt in its entirety on the properties owned by it “

Sareb has countless properties in Costa Esuri. This paragraph should be qualified.

This effort by the Council is appreciated by giving us, for the first time, data on the collection of a debt. But these data must be complete, if not, they do not make sense:

What amount has actually been collected? What years did it correspond to? What board of owners are you referring to? What community are you referring to? What is community debt?

Regardless of these doubts that are raised, there is the fundamental point that the Council cannot take away. It is money from all the owners that the debtor has to pay in full.

In Point 2. It is said, in relation to the lighting of the road to Costa Esuri, that “… the City Council study a legal formula that allows the EUC to advance the amount of work to be carried out in the transformation center …”

The owners of the EUC do not have to advance any money for a matter that is the sole responsibility of the Ayamonte City Council.

  • Minutes of August 18 and September 29:

    The Council is confused when referring to guarantees, when in reality it must refer to action blocks. There is no first and second guarantee, there is an amount of € 4.2 million to carry out three blocks of urbanization works: roads, green areas and sanitation.

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