Point 1  In a meeting held between members of the Governing Council of the EUC and the Board of Directors of the Neighborhood Association on February 3, 2022, the President of the Council was conclusive that the Association would participate in the selection of auditors for the EUC accounts. So far, the Association has not been informed of anything in this regard. The Council will present costs at the next General Assembly, on March 30. The auditing firm must be registered in the Registry of Auditors of Accounts (ROAC). The association proposed an audit of two years, the Council is going to propose four years. This will increase costs. We believe that the last two exercises would be reasonable.

Point 2. As we have repeatedly told the Council the EUC has very specific obligations established in its Statutes, the Council does not have the power to use our money for other things, not least in maintaining the sports area located on land that is owned by the City Council, not by the neighbours.

Despite everything, the Council has gone ahead with the reparations. We do not know the cost, which is not budgeted or approved by the owners. Let’s wait for explanations at the next General Assembly.

Point 3. We do not know what “zones not received” are and the plan of the City Council that they mention is not included with the minutes. They are not “received” but there are plants that need to be maintained?

Points 4 and 5. Both the playgrounds (street furniture and infrastructure) and the replacement of plants (gardens and parks) appear in the budgets of all previous years, without anything having ever being done.

Item 8. The Board approved the 2020 Accounts, but has not published them. We will have to study them when they are published.

GENERAL COMMENT. Regardless of the usual errors (it is said that the next General Assembly will be at the end of October, but also on March 31), it does not follow from the content of these minutes that the Council is managing anything. There is no management decision making.

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