Dear owners, neighbours and members of the EUC Costa Esuri,

Some time ago, in a comment published on this website, I wondered, Does the Governing Council of the EUC of Costa Esuri work? In view of the minutes of the meeting held on 4 October, I keep wondering the same.

The members of the EUC’s Council do not know what it means to be an administrative and public entity subject to the Common Administrative Procedure Law, and to quite a few other laws also, like the Law of Transparency of Andalusia.

More than three months have elapsed between the August and October meetings. It had been three weeks since the last meeting and still no report.

The EUC’s Council is currently composed of four members: however, the EUC Statutes require five members plus the Ayuntamiento’s representative.

The elected Vice President resigned and the EUC’s Council substituted him,  against articles 21, 28 and 34 of the EUC’s Statutes.

Art. 27 of the Statues requires that vacancies are filled by a EGM that has to be called within three months. The Council has not called any EGM for this purpose,

CERA has requested the EUC’s Council to call an EGM to:

  • Appoint a new member and assign the Vice Presidency
  • Comply with the AGM’s mandate to carry out and audit of the EUC’s accounts
  • Correct the 2021 FY’s accounts that were not approved by the AGM held last March.

The minutes of the Council’s meeting held on October 4 make reference only to the audit, and this to explain that they have asked the Town Hall for accounting data that does not seem to be available to the EUC’s council. The Town Hall’s representative said that they would request this information from Gestión Tributaria. The minutes of the Council’s meeting held last June, said exactly the same!

Since August, reports have been published on the EUC website with photos and comments regarding problem areas of the urbanisation; such as rubble dumps, the bad state of the sidewalks, manholes, sewers, electrical installations, etc. In short, things that need cleaning and repair.

(See the link here for details.)

These reports are anonymous, they don’t have any letterhead, and nobody signs them. Is that right?  I guess the administration knows, why don’t they identify themselves? Also nothing is said about the maintenance company, if it complies and performs its work according to the signed contract.

A statement is recorded regarding these reports, so that they seem to have been done at different times and not just copy and paste. The fact is that most of them are copy and paste and nothing is said about any steps taken to repair the problems they show.

At another point they announce that they will have meetings with members of the municipal corporation. I hope that they will pass on the information they provide to the members of the EUC in the near future, and that there will be progress in municipal collaboration to solve the problems and deficiencies of Costa Esuri.

Related to the M-F’s guarantees to finish the urbanization works, on 26-10-2022 two agreements signed by the City of Ayamonte and the company Martinsa-Fadesa SA, responsible for the urbanization works, have been published on the EUC’s website.

One concerns the debts that Martinsa-Fadesa and subsidiaries  had with the City Council and with the EUC Costa Esuri, and contains the agreement for the payment of those debts.

The other one is the agreement reached by the Ayamonte City Council and Martinsa-Fadesa SA after the City Council executed the guarantees provided to guarantee the execution and completion of the works. It lists the works to be carried out and the budgets for it.

Well, both agreements were signed on August 1, 2014, and they were published on October 26, 2022; it’s been 8 years, and without any explanation, don’t you think it’s strange?

Why have these agreements now been published on the EUC website and not on the City Council website? This is where they should have been published a long time ago. The Governing Council should give an explanation of these publications.

On another point, the President of the EUC’s Governing Council indicates that: “Mr. Francisco Tapia and his wife have filed requests before the Transparency Body and that they have been formally answered.”

Yes, my wife and I have requested information from the Governing Council of the EUC and other public bodies, in relation to the Statutes of the EUC and its operation; It is a right that citizens and members of the EUC have and we exercise it, because we want to know more than they tell us.

The Governing Council says that it has formally answered our requests, nothing could be further from reality, since its responses, as well as those of other bodies, have been partial or just non-existent, so we had to turn to the Transparency Council of Andalusia, to provide us with clear, complete and truthful information on issues concerning the EUC. I will not go into details here.

I do know that the Transparency Council of Andalusia has urged the Governing Council and the City of Ayamonte to publish the Annex I of the Statutes on the transparency portal of the website of the Entity. This has not yet been done, but this document is inherent to  the Statutes.

The fact is that all the claims that have so far been presented to the Council of transparency by us have been admitted, from which it follows there is a lack of transparency of the Governing Council of the EUC.

Regards to everyone

Francisco Tapia

Burgos, November 2022


  1. Alan William Young

    Beautifully worded. The reality is that the EUC and the Town Hall including GT do not possess the skill set or desire to properly manage their responsiblties nor account for then in a fit and proper fashion. It has alwsy been so. I have to advise that I no longer own a Property on Costa Esuri but I’ve always felt that CE had, and still has, a tremendous potential which due to the incompetence and lack of openess by the EUC and others has not been fully realised. All Power to you elbow Francisco and your fellow CERA Colleagues! Perhaps everybody should just stop paying EUC fees and see what happens?

  2. Thank you Franciso for your explanation. It again emphasises the complete disregard of the EUC governing council for transparency and the Statutes of the EUC.

    I have also noted that extensive remediation works have taken place at the sports ground on S1. Who has paid for these works. It should be the responsibility of the Ayuntamiento and no budget was included in the EUC accounts for 2022 however I suspect that we the members of the EUC will be paying yet again when the cost should be covered by our IBI payments.

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