Committee meeting 16 December 2023

Summary of the minutes

President’s report.

The president reports the need to complete the CERA Committee up to the ten members set in the statutes, and that it would be desirable for the Committee to include representatives of most residential areas and some others representing the owners of individual plots.

She considers that the Association has a purpose necessary and is useful for the owners of real estate or residents in Costa Esuri. It is the right instrument to convey to the City Council the needs, concerns and proposals that owners and residents observe and experience on a daily basis.

The Association is a collective commitment to defend the common interest and have more strength in claims and proposals.

The president reports that on December 20, we have an appointment with the Councillor of Finances and member of the EUC Council to explain the concerns of the Association.

Mrs. Gómez reports acts of vandalism at Av. Juan Pablo II, where someone has destroyed a large planter placed in a pedestrian crossing to prevent the change of direction of vehicles taking advantage of the gap in the central divide.

From the Association we call on the neighbors not to carry out these acts of vandalism and not execute the aforementioned maneuver, as long as the City Council does not carry out the necessary modifications to be able to make the turn in safety.

Appointment of interim secretary

The president asks if there are any members of the Committee to accept the appointment of a secretary on a temporary basis until the celebration of the General Assembly where it could be ratified or replaced by another person.

Mr. Tapia says that it is necessary that the position of secretary be covered, and given the evidence that no other member wants to perform the functions of the secretary he proposes himself so that the Committee can function as well as possible.

He is unanimously elected and appointed Secretary of the Association on a temporary basis until it’s ratified or replaced by the next General Assembly.

Change of EUC Costa Esuri administrator, explanation, debate and actions to be undertaken.

Mr. Tapia explains, that on the website of the EUC Costa Esuri around December 10, the Minutes of the Governing Council meeting held on November 27 were published, and in which the president (we assume) informs that the current administrator does not want to continue running the administration and will cease when the contract ends on February 23, 2024.

The Governing Council initiated a process of requesting bids from five companies with tax residency in Ayamonte, leaving two of them for the last selection phase. Fincas de Esuri SL was chosen. with which the Governing Council says that it will formalise a contract that will take effect from March 1, 2024, its duration will be two years and will be self-renewable annually on a mutual basis.

The Councillor representing the City Council indicated that he was not satisfied with the process for technical-commercial offers, objecting  that a prior statement had not been presented to be fulfilled by the bidders, not knowing what criteria would be followed to do so or how the bids would be evaluated. And that a tender should have been made at Mr. Mayor’s invitation. The President of the EUC rejected this saying that the bid was a “small amount” and wanted to avoid the bureaucracy involved. 

After commenting and discussing the information contained in the minutes of the Governing Council, after successive interventions, in summary, it is clear that the publicity of the tender and the subject matter of it has not been as correct as it should be, there is no record of the value of the tendered contract, the content of the tenders of the participating undertakings or the amount for which it was awarded.

In view of these anomalies and lack of information, the members of the CERA Committee consider that it is necessary to challenge the agreement adopted, since the process followed is not sufficiently certain that the agreed company is the best suited to manage the administration of the EUC.

Put to the vote if:”The Association must submit an appeal to the Supervisory Body (Ayamonte City Council) challenging the agreement taken by the Governing Council of the EUC in point 1 of the agenda of the meeting held on 27 November 2023″, the proposal is approved with the vote in favor of all the attendants, allowing the president to present the Appeal of Alzada.

Forecast of actions for the first quarter of the year 2024.

Mr. Tapia explains that during the first quarter the Committee will meet again to analyze the most recent events and follow the development of the actions carried out.

Emphasis is placed on spreading and encouraging other people of the Association to join the CERA Committee and collaborate for the purposes of the Association. Mrs. Kath Mustow informs that for personal reasons in the next AGM will cease as Committee member for personal reasons after many years of collaboration with the CERA which we regretting much given the circumstance as it’s one more post to fill.

The General Assembly of the EUC is scheduled to take place in the first quarter (the Governing Council has planned it in the first fortnight) and the association wishes to present a candidacy to the Governing Council that better defends the interests of all its members. 

Any other business.

The president states that it is the will of the Committee to insist before the City Council the need to have in Costa Esuri a Civic Center or local multipurpose space where the City Council can have an office of attention to the citizen, the association can provide its services, workshops, conferences etc.

At this point, two people owners of plot in the urbanization state that parties and events continue to be held in some houses located on Av. Juan Pablo II and C/ Bartolomé de las Casas, with the participation of many people, causing a lot of noise, with little civic behavior, and for many hours, bothering the resident neighbors.

The Association has already forwarded these complaints to the City Council and we hope that these events will be corrected. 

The complete minutes will be sent to any CERA member who requests it.

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