Committee meeting 25 August 2021


In the minutes of the EUC Governing Council meeting on July 29, which we learned about on August 19, there is a contract to create a EUC Facebook page at a cost of € 400 per month plus VAT. This means an annual cost of € 4,808.

It is debated whether the Council has the power to agree on this expense and, in any case, whether it should have been approved in the General Assembly, which is when the owners, before whom the Governing Council must answer for their decisions, could have decided on the cost. 

Alternatively, the decisions of the Council of the EUC are subject to the control of the Ayamonte City Council, which has a representative in it, precisely for this purpose and whose direction of vote is unknown as it does not appear in the minutes.

The attendees do not question the creation of the Facebook page, which is a legitimate means for the dissemination of information about the EUC, but rather that a kind of salary or in any case an economic consideration has paid for it, and that the Governing Council  may have exceeded its powers by disposing of monies that belong to all the owners, without answering for it to anyone.

The financial issue is of the greatest importance in the management of the EUC, it is money of all the owners of whose use the Council must respond and explain, what has not happened in this case, so it is proposed to present an appeal before the Ayamonte City Council to clarify this responsibility of the Council and its ability to make this spending decision, proposing the text of an appeal that is approved unanimously.


“To delegate to the President of the ASSOCIATION OF NEIGHBORS AND RESIDENTS OF COSTA ESURI LA LUZ, Ms. Nieves Gómez Rey, and in the exercise of the powers granted by art. 25 of the Statutes of the same, the presentation of RESOURCE OF ALZADA before the Ayamonte City Council in relation to the agreement of the Governing Council of the Urban Conservation Entity of Costa Esuri adopted on July 29, 2021, as well as following the aforementioned resource in all its procedures.”

The members of the Board of CERA have been offered an interview on the Facebook page pf the EUC Costa Esuri in which we could present our views on the EUC.

This interview would be very convenient, since it would allow us to clarify numerous issues that after the visit of the previous Mayor and the interview with the President of the EUC, as well as some voices present in the media, cause enormous confusion among residents regarding fundamental issues of the Urban Conservation Entity.

However, in the current situation where we are questioning the legality of the Council’s agreement, it does not seem appropriate.

The full text of the minutes, or of the appeal, will be provided to any member of the Neighborhood Association who requests it.

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