Committee meeting 28 July 2021


After the fire that occurred in the vicinity of La Colina recently, we collected more than two hundred signatures in a couple of days, we held a meeting with the City Council to find out what prevention measures will be taken. We hope that they will put them into practice.

For the moment the City Council has published a clearance zone that is mandatory for both forest areas and private plots.

The Mayoresse has promised to come to Costa Esuri in September and talk to the residents, especially with regard to the execution of the endorsements of Martinsa-Fadesa. Along with any other relevant issues. 

It is necessary to renew the members of the CERA Coimmittee, whose two-year term has expired. If sanitary circumstances permit, we will try to celebrate it in September, probably at the Vista Verde Social Club with which we will agree the appropriate donation as consideration.

At this meeting, all members of the Committee will present our resignation, to allow new candidates to run and the associates will decide who will take office for the next two years.

Mr. McGuire, who was one of the founding members of the CERA and is attending the meeting, has always promoted collaboration between the City Council, the EUC and the Association as the appropriate means for the progress and development of Costa Esuri, and in his opinion the CERA must mobilize so that the City Council takes charge of the importance of our Urbanization within the framework of municipal management. So it is necessary that the EUC and the Association work together for the benefit of the community.

Those attending the meeting understand that these proposals are in line with the objectives of the Association, and that Mr. McGuire input will be most valuable. Accordingly, we unanimously agree to appoint Mr. McGuire as member of the CERA Committee.

We are organizing the VI Golf Tournament of the ASSOCIATION OF RESIDENTS OF COSTA ESURI in conjunction with the management of the golf course Valle Guadiana Links. As usual, the sponsors will be companies and businesses linked to Costa Esuri.

It is agreed unanimously to send a letter to the EUC Board insisting on the convenience of holding two General Assemblies, one for the 2019 accounts and one for the 2020 accounts. As well and to request that the list of debtors and the amounts owed by each of them be made public in the eventual call for the AGM, in accordance with the legislation in force.

It is unanimously agreed to request the City Council to remove the wooden frames in which the garbage containers were originally located, both because of their bad condition and because there are residents who deposit garbage inside, which is not collected.

The poor state of the sports court in plot S1 is commented, with risk of injuries for those who use it because there is no other sports facility in Costa Esuri. The President will request Comfortservi as a service to all, to cut a bush that hinders entry to the court.

A request for a legal opinion has been submitted to the City Council Secretariat on time limits for filing appeals to agreements of the governing bodies of the EUC Costa Esuri.

The complete minutes will be made available to any CERA member upon request.

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