Committee meeting 6 June 2021

The meeting has been called by the Secretary, following instructions from the President, to try to specify what we want the Association to be and on which fronts to work for the future.

Unique Point.

There is debate on the issues in which the Neighborhood Association is involved and the approach we want to give them.

  • In relation to the Association itself:
  • Implementation of collections with SEPA. Progress will be made in its implementation so that it becomes operational at the beginning of 2021.
  • The website is having a very acceptable follow-up, which is indicative that we are giving useful information to the neighbors. It is an open page where we publish the minutes of our meetings and other topics of interest to residents.
  • We must promote the attendance of associates at our meetings. And keep shifts at Casaclub de golf on Saturdays. It would be useful to announce it every Friday on Facebook, as a reminder.
  • We will distribute informational brochures on the street to spread awareness of the Association.
  • In relation to the City Council:
  • We will continue to demand the bus, which although it is not used by a majority of the residents, it is necessary.
  • We have submitted an application for a flea market.
  • We have made a proposal to the City Council for the implementation of a car park and at the same time improve the use of the S1 plot with the necessary facilities for the community. We will follow up on this project.
  • We have had a meeting with the Economic Area of the City Council to discuss possible budget allocations to Costa Esuri issues that we have been asking for a long time.
  • We have also reported on the situation of the access ramp to the shopping center.
  • We will request turning authorization on Juan Pablo II street and for a solution to visibility problems on Rosalía de Castro street with Miguel Delibes. We will inform the local police.
  • Regarding a sign of detour to Costa Esuri on the A.49, it is essential that we reach 2,000 registered people. We will do a registration campaign.

In relation to the Urban Conservation Entity (EUC) of Costa Esuri:

The letter published on the website is commented requesting certain information from the Association. This letter has been sent by email to the Association, which cannot be considered as a formal notification.

On the other hand, the requirement formulated by the Governing Council of the EUC lacks the slightest sense:

Applicants are not members of the Neighborhood Association, so they are not in a position to request information to which only members are entitled.

The Association publishes all the minutes of its meetings on our website, although we are not obliged to do so. As well as our accounts, which are absolutely straightforward, they are provided to all associates in the General Assembly.

The Neighbourhood Association does not carry out economic activities, it does not receive public subsidies. The member books, accounting and minutes are available to any member that requests it.

Membership of the Neighborhood Association is voluntary.

For all these reasons, and in order not to give rise to later controversies, it is considered  appropriate not to reply to the published letter, which has not even been properly notified to us.

The Association has requested both the Council and the City Council through the Councilor for the Economy, that two General Assemblies be held, one for the year 2019 and the other for the year 2020. The reason is that given the issues to be discussed, the accounts and the two-year budget, various issues that may arise, election of new members of the Council, the session can be excessively prolonged so that decisions are taken with the necessary serenity.

The Association will continue with its work of monitoring the management of the EUC because it considers that it is in the general interest of all owners.

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