Committee meeting 9/4/22


  • The President informs us about the upcoming meeting that we have arranged with the Mayoress for April 21st.
  • She comments on the development of the General Assembly of the EUC, which as usual followed the restrictive procedures to which the Council has accustomed us.
  • No list or coefficient of attendees was provided, there was no access to a voting table to count the votes at the end of the meeting, no voting by show of hands was accessed. The Council could not, however, prevent all the sheets from being placed in a sealed envelope, but subsequently refused to allow us to witness the count, with the acquiescence of the representative of the guardianship body on the spurious grounds of “data protection”. We will comment on this in due course.


We will continue to maintain a fortnightly presence in front of the Lomas de Esuri shopping center, which allows us to talk to many people and promote the Association.

  • We will try to organise activities that favour coexistence between neighbours. At the moment the only one planned is the golf tournament in September, for which the President asks everyone’s collaboration to find sponsors.
  • The president requests that the Bizum application for payment of instalments and collection of funds, be launched as soon as possible.
  • The president proposes the appointment at the next General Assembly of Mr. Francisco Tapia Catalán, who, as we know, has been collaborating with the Association for some time, as a member of the Board of Directors
  • Finally, Mrs. Gómez reports that Mr. Antonio Almagro has informed her of his wish to resign as a member of the Board of Directors for personal reasons, which he will confirm in writing. And of his desire to continue collaborating with the Association in all that his professional activity allows.

Once again, the President invites the members of the Association and neighbours who are interested in improving our Urbanisation, to collaborate with the Board of Directors in our activities, contributing their knowledge and experience.

Ordinary General Assembly of the Association.

It was agreed to hold it on April 30, at 10:30 a.m. on the first call and at 11:00 a.m. on the second, at the Vista Verde Social Club, as well as the following proposed agreements:

The following resolution proposals are also unanimously agreed upon:

  • Approval of the management of the Board of Directors during 2021.
  • Approval of the Accounts as of December 31, 2021.
  • Resignation and Appointment of Members of the Board of Directors of the Association and, if applicable, modification of its composition.
  • Authorisation to the President for judicial or extrajudicial actions and procedures agreed by the Board of Directors in defence of the interests of the members.

The complete minutes are available to any member who requests it.

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