Committee meeting Feb 4 2022


Summary of the meeting of the Costa Esuri Residents Association’s Committee  held on February 4th at the golf club.

President’s Report.

The President reported on the meeting between the President and other members of the EUC’s Board , and the President, Vice President and Secretary of CERA, which we held yesterday, February 3, with the aim of establishing better relations that favour the interests of all residents, in which we discussed, among other things the following issues:

  • Request for a joint meeting with the City Council to discuss the use of the Martinsa-Fadesa guarantees for urbanization works.
  • Withdrawal by the Association of the judicial procedure related to the contract with Ayamonte Interesa,(for the running of the EUC FaceBook page), the Board having stated that it had been resolved by mutual agreement with compensation of €1,500 and a total cost of €3,872. We insist that this expense should have been submitted to the General Assembly.
  • In relation to the audit of accounts requested by the Association, this request was approved by the EUC Board   at its meeting on February 2, pending submission for approval by the next General Assembly.

The EUC’s President  proposed that the audit be extended to 2018, which in our opinion does not add much to the objectives and entails additional expense. The CERA requests that the audit of accounts be carried out annually and be budgeted as a regular management expense, with the corresponding report appearing in the Annual Report that must be part of the Annual Accounts.

The auditing firms from which a budget will be requested, which must be registered in the ROAC, will be announced to the CERA.

Regarding the control of suppliers, the President of the EUC states that it is not done because it would require hiring another person. According to him, this work is not contemplated in the functions of the Administration.

Mrs. Carro comments on the good work of the Administrator who has collected about two million euros.

The Association comments on the advisability of the Administration being awarded through public tender instead of the contract being tacitly renewed.

The association raised the issue of the need for administration offices in Costa Esuri and social premises and a civic center.

Treasurer’s Report.

The expenses of the Christmas Market were €136.34 and the income was €10.

Audit of Accounts of the EUC.

Given that the next General Assembly must deliberate on the approval of auditing the accounts of the EUC, and taking into account the voting system that the Board maintains in the General Assemblies, all the members of the CERA Committee must actively promote the fact that the Presidents of Community attend the Assembly to exercise the vote on behalf of their neighbors.

Planning 2022.

Social activities are planned for the coming months, in which all the members of the committee will collaborate  in whatever is necessary.

The complete minutes are available to members who request them.

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