Summary of committee meeting held on 23/5/21

2. Report of the President.

The President informs us that she has been contacted by a former employee of the Sports Board (Patronato de Deportes) requesting support from the Association for a project of activities (yoga, Pilates, etc.) that she would like to develop in Costa Esuri. This person would take care of finding the place, be it on the sports court, golf club, Vista Verde, etc., and would give classes at very competitive prices. This support is unanimously agreed upon, which we will do by publicising both on the website and on our Facebook pages the project that this person sends us and indicating what they are  going to do and where.

Mrs. Gómez also informs us about the project of making a small craft market in the surroundings of the shopping center. The booths would only be for associates, which will avoid exhibitor booths from outside Costa Esuri and will keep the market size limited to a few booths. This would also give visibility to the Association that could be compensated by the organization with prizes for events. It is unanimously approved to request permission from the City Council.

The President comments on the demonstrations that are being made before the City Council asking to reopen the facilities of the “ public swimming pool in Ayamonte. The organizers have contacted her suggesting the participation of the residents of Costa Esuri with their own demands. It is unanimously agreed to publicise these demonstrations and promote the attendance of the neighbours and it is suggested to carry a poster that says Pool for Ayamonte / Bus for Costa Esuri.

Finally, Mrs. Gómez informs us that she together with Mrs. Cortegana have contacted the President of the Sea & Sun Community in relation to the possible use by the Association of one of the two booths they have at the entrance. There was good communication and we await the results of the Sea & Sun community meeting to be held in June, in which the president will present our request.

3. Mall Ramp.

The multiple demonstrations that are taking place on social networks in relation to the occupation of that ramp are commented, which prevents the access of trolleys and disabled people to the supermarket unless they pass through the middle of tables occupied by customers of the store, which is not only uncomfortable but doesn’t seem like it should be the solution. The canopy is expected to be removed and the ramp cleared.

4. Miscellaneous Business.

The association  will resume face to face meetings with members  on Saturdays at 11 am at the golf clubhouse. When the market is underway, they will be held at the market place. Mr. Atkinson will keep the shift system up to date. We will advise a start date soon.

We are going to study the implementation of the SEPA collection program, with the collaboration of an associate. This will facilitate the collection of fees for both members and the Association, and is free. When the project is completed, it will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

With all the benefits of having a supermarket in Costa Esuri, there is a problem of lack of parking, which will increase as other businesses are installed. We are going to prepare a solution proposal to the City Council, with an architect’s report. When this proposal is finalized, it will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

In the meantime it would be advisable for the police to install some kind of bollard to prevent parking in front of the shopping center stairs, which are beginning to deteriorate and constitute a danger to users.

In order to spread the knowledge of the Association and attract associates, as of June we will organize informative meetings with neighboring communities.

The posters in two large parcels on Bartolomé de las Casas street are commented, indicating that they have been sold. It would be convenient for the EUC Council to report the payment of fees owed, which is assumed to have occurred with the transactions.

In line with this, it is commented that taking into account that in the next General Assembly of the EUC it will be necessary to deliberate on the accounts and budgets of two years, management of the Council in the same periods, election of a new Council, etc., this meeting will be extraordinarily long, so it would be advisable to hold two meetings of the General Assembly and we will request it.

The complete minutes will be provided to any member of the Neighborhood Association who requests it.

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  1. Margaret and David Jones

    Total endorsement of Stephanie’s comments. The Committee’s zeal and skills, used on behalf of the Esuri Community’s interests, are very much appreciated. Thank you.

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