Committee meeting oct. 2023

Mrs. Osa apologizes for not being able to attend.

As eight of the ten members that currently compose it are present, the committee is legally constituted to adopt any agreement.

The President opens the session.

1. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

All attendees declare that they have read the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors held on September 10, 2023 and they are unanimously approved.

2.- Report of the President.

 A meeting was held with Ms. Patricia Romero, Environmental Technician, to talk about fire prevention measures and review of the location of garbage containers. Regarding the first issue, the cleaning of risk areas has already begun, and the second, next Tuesday, October 24, she will come with the Giahsa Manager to check more convenient locations.

Ms. Mustow comments in this regard that on Arcipreste de Hita there is are unattended containers that have  been reported several times through the Green Line since the accumulated garbage attracts rats.

The President also comments on the demonstration we organised before the City Council on the 10th and that although it has been a success, it is necessary to specify follow-up measures. Like the police attending to calls for loud music.

Also, demand that the City Council implement the procedure contemplated in that of Decree 6/2012 and in accordance with the same declare Costa Esuri: “Quiet area in the open field: Spaces located in quiet areas without agglomeration not disturbed by noise from traffic, industrial activities or sports-recreational activities.”

The meeting held on October 11 with Mr. Mayo, Councillor for Traffic, Police and Civil Protection, no compromise has been reached regarding either noisy parties or safety and traffic in front of the Lomas de Esuri shopping center. It is surprising that other stores in Costa Esuri and also in other areas of  Ayamonte have been closed due to loud music and that nothing is being done now.

It proposes that in mid-November a letter be sent to the City Council requesting it to report on the measures that have been taken on the issues that we have pending.

3. Treasurer’s report.

The balance of the Association account as of today is €6,408.62, including donations for judicial proceedings.  €405 from our participation in the Costa Esuri Open 2023 golf tournament will be paid into the bank on Monday

4. Review of activities in 2023 and future objectives.

It has been a year in general with a lot of office activity, but with hardly any appreciable results.

In January we made a registration and information campaign about the voting exercise in view of the municipal elections.

Several Saturdays we were at the mall to inform the neighbours about the Association, and we attracted new members.

We have had several meetings with the City Council, both with the previous administration and with the current one. We have dealt with topics such as a flea market in Costa Esuri, a civic or multipurpose center, improvement of the bus service, traffic regulation and surveillance in front of the shopping center, fire prevention, noise pollution, passage of heavy trucks through the main roads of the Urbanisation.

Several instances presented exposing the needs of Costa Esuri.

Regarding the EUC, we appeal the convocation of the General Assembly of the EUC of March 3, 2023, and subsequently we also appeal the celebration of the Assembly itself based on what we consider serious irregularities and non-compliance with the Statutes.

We object to the installation of lights on the sports field, because it is an expense that the owners should not have to bear.

We have requested a meeting with the City Council and the Governing Council to modify specific articles of the EUC Statutes that may be contradictory.

We have resorted to the Transparency Council on several occasions with an always favorable result, thanks to which we are getting the EUC Council to publish more information that the owners are entitled to know.

5. Organization of the Board of Directors.

After her election as a member of the Board of Directors at the General Assembly of April 21, 2023, Ms. Stephanie Davis has not attended any meeting of the same or shown the necessary interest in her functions, so, in accordance with article 22b of the Statutes of the Association, Ms. Davis will not continue to be part of the Board of Directors of the Association.

On the other hand, the Secretary, Ms. Marina Martínez Domínguez, expresses her decision to resign from her position for personal reasons that prevent her from exercising it with the necessary dedication, submitting in this act her irrevocable resignation letter as a member of the Board of Directors that will take effect at the end of this meeting today.

For these purposes, she will make available to the President and/or to whomever the Board of Directors decides, from today, all the documentation of the Association that is in her possession and that is listed in a separate document. However, she accepts the need for a transitional period that the Board of Directors considers appropriate in order to facilitate the delivery and receipt of the aforementioned documentation.

Mr. McGuire states the appreciation of the committee for the services Ms Martinez has provided for many years and thanks her on behalf of the committee .

Her resignation is unanimously accepted.

6. Various matters.

With no other issues to deal with, the President thanks everyone for their attendance and closes the session at 6:45 p.m.

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