Correspondence with the EUC

Lettert sent to the EUC Governing Council by the President of the Neighbors Association, Mrs. Nieves Gómez, on February 5, 2020:

On February 6, 2020, the President of the Governing Council, Mr. José Luís Redondo, answered in the following terms:

At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association of Neighbors of Costa Esuri held on February 1, 2020, certain agreements were unanimously adopted in relation to the Urban Planning Entity for Conservation of Costa Esuri, which I bring to your attention for consideration of that advice:

“In view of the reduction of more than € 600,000 of the historical debt of this EUC with Comfortservi, information is provided on the EUC website about the origin of the funds for this amortization, specifying, where appropriate, the fees of large debtors that may have been collected since the collection by ordinary fees has not varied significantly ”.

Before the celebration of the Ordinary General Assembly of the EUC that must be called for next March:

* “Request that a statutory amendment be included in the Agenda that assigns all owners the right to direct vote based on their ownership ratio.

In the current situation, the Community Presidents exercise a prerogative for which they have not been elected, by attributing a tacit representation of their neighbors that contradicts the provisions of article 10.1 of the EUC Statutes. ”

* “Request that the 2019 Annual Accounts be presented in accordance with articles 37 and 40 of the Statutes. The annual accounts that this Governing Council has been presenting are distorted since they do not meet the objective of providing understandable and reliable information on the economic situation of the EUC and future prospects, so they must be reformulated. ”

1.- Regarding your question about the debt collection of large debtors and subsequent use for the payment of old debt to Comforservi, I inform you of the following: The cancellation and payment of debt travels to the provider Comforservi while it was possible, it was approved at a meeting of the governing council by majority at the time, and also promised to the owners at the last assembly. Regarding the knowledge that large debtors have paid, I inform you that we as the governing council have spoken with many large debtors to pay off their debt, some have paid and others have not. As you will know the collection of this money comes through the town hall and subsequent payment to our account. Therefore, this information that you require is kept by the city council or, failing that, the EUC administrator by communication with the city council, because as a council we know the total money that goes into the account, but not the detail of who or who enters it. So now you know who to request this information from.

2.- With respect to your request to modify the statutes on the point required by you on a personalized vote and not by block presidents, I inform you of the following: At the time, you had already asked the council for this change as a member of this council , for which the council asked different presidents and people about it and they told us at the time that it was very difficult to gather all the owners of the residential complexes in an assembly for their quantity and possible non-attendance, so it was decided that the presidents consulted their neighbors before each assembly to take a just and consensual position of their neighbors, in addition it was also said that the neighbors had more strength united as blocks with their president than individually because their participation percentage was diminished with regarding homeowners. In a small poll now done between presidents and neighbors, the same opinion continues. So for now that statute change will not be included in the next agenda.

3.-With respect to your request that the EUC accounts kept by the administration be as clear and understandable for everyone, I inform you of the following: This current request has already been requested by you several times. The administration understand that it has tried in every possible way to make the accounts as clear as possible for all to understand.

However, I invite you and the other members of your board of directors once again as an example of transparency that the council has always guaranteed, to request a meeting with the administrator and agree as it should be the best presentation of the accounts in the assembly so that we all understand better, and that there is a consensus of presentation of accounts. I remind you that for several times, members of your board, both from your board and neighbors, have gone to the administrator’s office to review the accounts and request changes in their presentation. From what I understand, your reviewers have always been pleased with the accounts based on what management has let me know.

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