Costa Esuri clean up

Waste collection in Costa Esuri

For you, for all of us, do not throw away waste, deposit it in the spaces provided!

On Saturday February 4 at 10:00 am various groups will gather at the junction of Calle Juan Pablo II and Blasco Ibanez in front of Las Encinas.

Our aim will be to collect as much rubbish from around Costa Esuri as we can. Gloves and bags will be provided to all volunteers. We will have people collecting full bags.

If you wish to take part in this activity please email or                 tel. 666874748


This activity has been organised by,

The Ayamonte scout group

The Red Cross of Ayamonte 


Ayamonte Ciudad limpia

With collaboration from Confortservi and Ayamonte Town Hall

2 thoughts on “Costa Esuri clean up”

  1. Pay your Town Hall taxes, pay your IBI, pay monthly the garbage collection service, pay the EUC, pay de annual fee of the Associations and take yourself the rubbish of others.

  2. Good morning,
    CE looks very good in some parts, Fly tipping (waste dumping ) is still a big problem especially next to the road beyond Sea and Sun and Albatross at the end of the cul-de-sac. This waste site has increased three fold and looks terrible. It is very difficult to catch the perpetrators. Domestic goods and building waste being dumped. This could be dangerous for the public especially children. It used to be a favourite walking area with fine views of the river and bridge.

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