With the COVIRAN team. Carefully selected to give us the best service in Spanish and English

Finally, after a long wait, the Coviran supermarket will open on Friday, May 7. At 9:00 a.m.

We wish Mateos and his team every success in this new adventure, hopefully it marks the beginning of a period of expansion for business in Costa Esuri.

Breads, vegetables, meats, cleaning products. At Coviran Costa Esuri we will be able to purchase daily products at competitive prices and without having to invest time and gasoline in travel.

A well-stocked Covirán, with a variety of wines, beer and spirits.

2 thoughts on “Coviran”

  1. Alan William Young

    What a great plan. A long time coming and hope once movement controls are relaxed we can get travel down and use the facility. Very best of luck.

  2. Susan Perez Lloyd

    Again this will be so handy for many residents. I hope it is used and beneficial to all.

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