Costa Esuri is 6 km from the urban center of Ayamonte and residents have to travel there for all kinds of matters.

And we don’t have bus service.

The Neighborhood Association has been demanding this service for years, we have held meetings with successive Mayors, Deputy Mayor’s, Councilors for Transportation and Mobility.

We are given different explanations for not providing this service: That the highway interrupts the continuity of the urban territory of the City Council, so the urban bus cannot be used; that the service is not profitable.

The reality is that Costa Esuri is not included in the Ayamonte public transport service contract and the City Council does not seem predisposed to have the municipal budget for us, as it does for other areas of Ayamonte, such as Isla Canela, or Pozo del Camino. .

The residents of Costa Esuri pay the same taxes as other neighbors, but we also pay the maintenance of our gardens and green areas and to clean our streets.

As in other places, here we have cases of need of all kinds and we have  need for public transport.

We are net contributors to the municipal coffers.

The guarantees deposited by Martinsa Fadesa have not yet been fully executed, only a small part hasbeen used, what are they waiting for?

The City Council is the tutelary body of the EUC of Costa Esuri

When will you really start guardianship?

We have registered numerous requests with the City Council and practically all of them have  been ignored.

As neighbours of Costa Esuri, we deserve more than they are giving us.

For all this we have to unite and fight for Costa Esuri. We call you to a rally on Saturdays, December 4 and 18 at 12 noon in the Plaza de la Laguna in front of the Town Hall. At the moment it will be these 2 Saturdays, but if they do not listen to us, we will summon more.

If you don’t come don’t complain.


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