On Tuesday October 10 at 11:30 the residents of Costa Esuri will hold a demonstration before the Ayamonte town hall

Why now?

Because we are suffering situations that cannot be tolerated in an urbanisation like Costa Esuri, characterised by its landscapes, its tranquility and its environment.

What are we objecting to?

  • Noisy parties in residential houses that are used for business events (wedding celebrations, birthdays, etc.), sometimes attended by more than 100 people, with loud music, which take place both during the day and sometimes up to five in the morning. We have even see fireworks being let off! In an area that is prone to fires!

The Civil Guard, the Local Police and the City Council have been informed on numerous occasions, no action is ever taken. We do not want this to become normal in Costa Esuri.

  • Every year we have a major fire. Remember when we had to evacuate people from Las Colinas? This year, a house burned down. We have been asking the City Council to take measures, to force owners to clean plots. They have been telling us for years that there is a plan, that a work table has been organised… in practice, nothing.
  • We have a serious traffic problem in front of the Lomas de Esuri shopping centre. We have all seen cars and motorcycles passing at high speed. There are bus stops for schools, garbage containers, a supermarket, a kind of bar where alcohol is served. In a street that curves and in which poorly parked cars, loading and unloading trucks and buses, hinder visibility. There have already been accidents and we hope there will not be any more serious accidents that we all have to regret. We have been asking for rumble strips, zebra crossings, and surveillance for years. Nothing gets done with this either.

With this in mind, we urge all residents who can to attend the demonstration on October 10. We need to show the depth of our anger at being continually ignored. It’s the only way for Ayamonte City Council to understand that Costa Esuri’s neighbours are not just for paying taxes and that we have a right to live peaceful safe lives 

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