In 2019 the company CONSTRUYA was awarded the works of improvement and general repair of road areas of the urbanization Costa Esuri, to be made with the money of the guarantees of Martinsa-Fadesa held by the City of Ayamonte and based on the Technical Project prepared by the architect Dña. Paloma Ogayar.

These included: Laying of paving, street repair, installation of lighting and signalling systems, installation of outdoor lighting equipment, planting of trees, planting and maintenance services of green areas.

The contract was awarded for €734,000.

It is widely believed that these works were not done well and that many things were not repaired and others were not completed.

However, they were received by the City of Ayamonte by Minutes dated October 7, 2021, and a six-year guarantee was established..

(It should be noted that in the City Council there must be some lack of coordination, because in a meeting we had with the Councillor of Urbanism (Mrs. Ana Mateos) on January 30, 2023, she confirmed that reception, but said that only 400,000€ was spent, that there is a guarantee of 20.000€ to guarantee those works and that there are 300.000€ left to spend. In the certification of the end of work there are works made in the amount of 509.000€.)

The consequence of this reception is that the conservation and maintenance of the urbanization is now the responsibility of the owners, and the actions to be carried out in each case are decisions that fall within the scope of decision of the Governing Council. 

It is the obligation of the Governing Council to denounce and claim before the City Council any things that it considers were not done correctly, using the guarantee of six years has been established for this purpose.

Repairs of dangerous sidewalks and tree roots affecting private walls have been requested by both the Association and private owners. Before and after the Construya works. So far, the City Council says the EUC should do it, the Governing Council says the City Council should do it. This can no longer happen, the Governing Council must respond.

Therefore, the Council must act with diligence, exercise its powers in the way that best suits the interests of Costa Esuri and the members of the EUC, informing members promptly of its actions, as required by the Statutes, and giving accounts of the use of our money.

If you are unable to attend the EUC General Assembly on March 3, you may delegate your proxy and vote to another owner in attendance or to any member of the CERA Committee.


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