Next Friday the Costa Esuri Neighborhood Association will hold its 2023 Annual General Assembly at the Vista Verde Social Club, C/ Lópe de Ayala, 53, at 6 pm.

We invite all neighbors to attend.

Currently, the Committee is composed of seven members, although the Bylaws provide for ten.

Most of these seven members have been on the Board for many years. The Secretary since the Association was formed in 2010.

There are neighbors who feel that the committee is not very active, that we do not act as expected of a Neighborhood Association.

Being on the committee means collaborating with the daily life of the community. Responding to the needs of the neighbors, attending meetings, organizing activities.

It can be a slow and thankless task, especially since none of us are getting any younger.

We desperately need input from new members to share the workload, contribute ideas and help energize the Association and the community. Otherwise, it is unlikely that the current situation can continue much longer.

If you value the Neighbourhood Association and the work being done please step forward and help by putting yourself forward as a candidate next Friday at our AGM.

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