Register on the Padron.

The Municipal Register (in Spanish “el Padron“) is the Administrative Registry where all the residents who live or usually reside in a municipality are listed.

Being registered on the Padron facilitates access to health care, social services, discounts on some taxes, such as water, and being able to vote in the elections for the government of Ayamonte, which will be held this year.

We know that there are many residents in Costa Esuri who are not registered in Ayamonte, largely to avoid the paperwork. However, it is very simple. It can be done in person at the Town Hall or through the electronic office of the Town Hall. The documentation to be presented is:

  • A completed form, which will be provided to you at the Town Hall and which you can also obtain from their web page.
  • Copy of your ID card.
  • Copy of any one of the following documents:
    • Title deed
    • Receipts for payment of IBI, water, electricity, or the insurance of your property.

The Committee of CERA encourages you to register at the Town Hall to better exercise your rights as residents and citizens to be able to vote. The residents of Costa Esuri have the possibility to decide who governs in Ayamonte.

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