Who We Are

Costa Esuri Residents’ Association, known as “CERA” to its English speaking members and “La Asociación de Vecinos y Residentes de Costa Esuri La Luz” to its Spanish speaking members, is the registered Neighbourhood Association for Costa Esuri.

We have over six hundred members from across the world who either live permanently in Costa Esuri or who visit as owners or renters.

We hold an Annual General Meeting to elect members to the Board and to raise any issues the members wish to discuss.

Our membership fee for joining CERA is 10€ per year.

We are always happy to hear from members and we actively encourage suggestions and ideas for improving our Urbanisation. Please feel free to use the contact form to get in touch and, if you want join and get involved in any way, we would love to hear from you! 

Being an association, we are required by our Statutes to have a Committee. Our statutes state we should have ten people on the Committee. Currently our Committee comprises of the following members


PRESIDENT: Nieves Gómez Rey
TREASURER: Kath Mustow
SECRETARY: Marina Martínez Domínguez
VOCAL: Gema González Redondo
VOCAL: Angel Cuevas López
VOCAL: Antonio J. Almagro Fdez-Blanco
VOCAL: David Atkinson
VOCAL: Annette Murray
VOCAL Terence McGuire



We meet in ordinary session in the first half of the year, and in extraordinary session when circumstances require.


The committee, meets every month in sessions open to members who wish to attend.

Our statutes require the committee to be  composed of ten members, we currently have eight.

Any member who wishes to join the committee must propose himself as such and submit to election in the General Assembly.