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The bus service

On the afternoon of December 2, several members of the Board of Directors of the Neighborhood Association met with Mr. Víctor Hugo Rodríguez Palma, Councilor for the Economy and Finance, to discuss the Costa Esuri bus. Mr. Rodríguez Palma explained...

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Security in Costa Esuri

INTERVIEW WITH THE LIEUTENANT COMMANDER OF THE MAIN POST OF THE CIVIL GUARD IN AYAMONTE, D. JOSÉ ANTONIO GÓMEZ REQUERO. In view of the concern of the residents of Costa Esuri about criminal acts that have been taking place in...

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Costa Esuri is 6 km from the urban center of Ayamonte and residents have to travel there for all kinds of matters. And we don’t have bus service. The Neighborhood Association has been demanding this service for years, we have...

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As we have previously reported, both the convening of the EUC General Assembly and its development, and especially the chaotic collection of signature sheets, we believe are serious violations of the regulations that regulate the Entity. As we have also...

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Note on the EUC AGM

Notes on the General Assembly of the EUC Costa Esuri held on October 29, 2021. On October 29, 2021, the General Assembly of the URBANISTIC ENTITY OF CONSERVATION COSTA ESURI (EUC) was held to, among other things, approve the Annual...

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Robberies in Costa Esuri

Robberies in Costa Esuri We have received very disturbing news this morning from a resident of View Green (the villas that are situated around Marina Esuri).They were robbed overnight whilst they slept, with several valuable items, along with a significant...

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EUC accounts, updated explanation

FINANCIAL YEAR 2020 ACCOUNTS. LAST COMMENT   Date: 23-10-2021 Dear neighbours: Today I have seen that the Balance Sheet as of 12-31-2020 and the Profit and Loss Account for fiscal year 2020 have been published on the EUC COSTA ESURI...

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Christmas market

On the weekends of December, (dates: 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19) in the Codelsur warehouse, at the beginning of the road to Costa Esuri, we are going to hold a Christmas market. We will have all kinds of...

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AGM 2021

SUMMARY At the CODELSUR facilities, located in the Finca “Las Cabezuelas”, Highway A-49, exit 131 “Ayamonte Norte” * C.P. 21400 AYAMONTE, at eleven o’clock on October 16, 2021, after the corresponding call, the Ordinary General Assembly of the ASSOCIATION OF...

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