On 30 March, 2022, the AGM of the EUC Costa Esuri was held.

We have previously reported on this meeting.

As we believe there were serious irregularities at this meeting (and given that the Minutes of the AGM have even now not been published), on 30 April, 2022, CERA filed an appeal with the City of Ayamonte, challenging the call and all the resolutions that might be adopted from the Meeting.

You may recall how a group of owners were denied access to the vote count, quoting the Personal Data Protection Act as a reason.

This seemed unacceptable to us, because the EUC’s bylaws say that the votes must be public. When a hand is raised to vote, we all know who and what each of us is voting for. There is, therefore, no justification for preventing owners who attended the meeting from attending the count.

The members of the EUC Governing Council do not have special powers to assign this privilege to themselves – they are owners on Esuri, like all the other attendees. Therefore, why are they allowed to hold the count, but other owners are not?

The most absurd thing is that, during this count, an employee of the Administration is usually present. This person is not a member of the EUC and is not bound by any confidentiality clause. However, he manages a property administration company and, therefore, can access all our data.

What we also do not understand is that, as of this post, almost two months after the AGM, the Minutes have not yet been published. What reasons does the EUC have for depriving owners of this information?

One of the reasons may be that, at that meeting, the audit of accounts for the years 2018 onwards and also the budget presented by the Council could have been approved (and this stands for as long as the Judges do not issue their judgment).

Without publishing the Minutes, and without the owners knowing if the proposed budget has been authorised, the EUC Council is already putting it into effect, using our money on issues that are the responsibility of the Town Hall (sports area, children’s playgrounds etc.)

However, as far as we know, nothing is being done in relation to the audit of accounts. This was also subject to approval, which the EUC Council said they themselves supported and whose forecasted cost would be considerably lower than the works being carried out on the children’s playgrounds.

Is it that the EUC Council, as usual, denies with its actions what its words say and has no interest in having the accounts audited?”

CERA Committee 26 may 2022


  1. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for replying.
    Cera could give the political parties a small contract to be signed where they commit if they win the elections to execute all the remaining guarantees of Costa Esuri and to provide Costa Esuri with some essential services and repair everything necessary and contemplate the option of dissolve the EUC. CERA could make these contracts public and Spanish citizens could choose who to vote for. If EUC cannot be disolver, the EUC could have the legal capacity to be able to employ gardeners directly and some maintenance person and carry out its own administration instead of outsourcing it. This way we would achieve more transparency, we would know who works in the gardens and we would reduce the fee.

    Thanks for the information and it is very welcome the effort of some CERA members.


    1. Hola Bob
      The idea of getting the town hall to sign a contract has been raised in the past but they rejected the idea. It is unlikely that any political party would tie themselves to written promises, much easier to promise the moon and then not deliver!

  2. Hi Alan! I agree with you. The question is: Will the audited accounts of EUC solve the issues of Costa Esuri? In my opinion this is a minor issue. Do you agree that a population of 2.000 people should have a public medical centre, ambulance, social building, citizen Office? Would you request this to EUC or to someone else? That is the question.

  3. The EUC have no wish to provide formal audited accounts as it is probably not in their best interests to do so. Another reason is that they possibly don’t possess the necessary expertise to produce Accounts to generally recognised standards. They’ve never demonstrated any indication that they possess such expertise. They may possess it but if so it’s well hidden. Good luck with your fund raising and action.

    1. Hi,

      This is true what you’ve said, but we need services in Costa Esuri:
      – Medical Centre
      – Police
      – Ambulance
      – Social Centre
      – Citizen office
      – Parks

      All above the Town Hall need to provide them. We can further request a single park, some plants, some needs that need to be repaired, some audits to EUC.

      I do not see CERA to request something to the Town Hall in the way the are requesting things to EUC. The question is why? Town Hall created this EUC, and neighborhood later created CERA. Both fighting and Town Hall not taking responsibilities at all. Where is the money that need to be dedicated to Costa Esuri? In the Town Hall bank account suffering 10% inflation.
      Is CERA considering neighbors who do not want EUC? How many members has CERA? Is it really represent a good amount of neighbors? We do not know. Why CERA do not ask neighborhood with surveys just to know their opinions when they have meeting with other public representatives?

      1. Hola Bob
        Thanks for taking the time to post. All of the things you list as needed in Costa Esuri are things that should be supplied by the town hall.They are not the responsibility of the EUC.
        CERA has been raising these issues with the Town hall for years with very little response from either of the main political parties that have had control in Ayamonte.
        My own opinion is that all owners on Costa Esuri who are resident in Spain should register to vote in the local elections. The results of the last election were so close (only 12 votes separated the PP from the PSOE) that we could have a significant effect on the result. As the elections will be next year, we may see politicians from both parties coming to Esuri to tell us all the things they can do for us.
        We will be publishing a post explaining how to register to vote in the near future.

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