The Ordinary General Assembly of the EUC has been called to be held on March 30, 2022. The call is published on the website

The most important points to deal with are:

3. Approval of the accounts and report for 2021.

We have not seen these documents, since the Council, which approved them on February 2, 2022, has not yet published them.

In its usual line, it will be strict with what the Statutes require, it will publish them five days before the Assembly (*).

To vote on this point with sufficient knowledge, we remind you that the Annual Accounts must be presented in compliance with the general accounting requirements, so they must at least include the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss Account, the Execution of the 2021 budget and the Report, in which it explains the criteria applied and concepts used, so that we can all understand these accounts. They must also allow their comparison with those of the year 2020.

If not, the Association’s Board of Directors recommends that they not be approved.


(*) The Governing Council has, as a rule  strictly abided by what is established in the Statutes in everything that can be interpreted in favor of not giving information to the owners.

However, it totally ignores all the statutory precepts that require obligations of the Governing Council.

4. Approval of audit of accounts for the years 2018 to 2021.

Everyone knows that we have been asking for the EUC’s accounts to be audited for a long time. It is essential that the General Assembly approve this point, to confirm the accounting or determine the corrections that need to be made. So that all the owners have full knowledge that the management of the EUC is adequate, that the rendering of accounts is done properly and is governed with transparency.

However, the Council is going to request that the audit of the accounts be approved from 2018, which means four fiscal years and a significant cost. We consider that it should be the last two fiscal years and that the audit should be included in the budget for later years.

5. Approval of the Budget for 2022.

The Budgets for 2022 must be realistic and include the items or expenses that are actually expected to be made. Up till now, the budgets have been a copy of those of previous years, containing items that were never used, simply to balance them.

What is not on the Agenda:

Unfortunately, the Council still does not subject its management to the censorship of the owners, once again failing to comply with the Entity’s Statutes.

Nor does the election of Vice President appear. You will remember that in the Assembly of October 29, 2021, Mr. José Miguel Mateos López was elected Vice President. The Council, violating the Statutes, appointed another Vice President. This appointment must be made by the General Assembly, the Council cannot impose itself on the will of the supreme governing body of the EUC.

The committee of the Neighbourhood Association asks all the owners to exercise their right to vote, either by attending the Assembly or giving their representation to another owner they trust. This is how we participate in the management of the EUC, which must be done for the benefit of all owners, and we have the right to demand that it be done with efficiency and transparency.

With regard to attendance at the Assembly, the EUC Statutes establish the owners right to attend the meetings of the General Assembly and intervene in the adoption of agreements. To intervene in the adoption of agreements, we must vote on the proposals made by the Council, to the best of our knowledge.

The owners of plots or individual houses, each vote with their coefficient.
Homeowners in horizontal property are represented by the President of their Community of Neighbours who vote on their behalf.

In both cases, if the owner or the President cannot attend the General Assembly, they must give their representation to another owner who does attend.

In the case of Community Presidents, their responsibility is greater, since they represent all their neighbours who are up to date with the payment of EUC fees and, if they do not attend or delegate, they are depriving them of their rights.

Therefore, we must demand that the Community Presidents comply with this obligation.

It is not responsible to give representation to any person whose voting direction we do not know or whom we do not trust, since the management of the EUC depends on what we vote for.

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal at any of the following email addresses:

Nieves Gomez:

Paul Kelly: vice

Marina Martínez:

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