The General Assembly of the EUC held on the 30th passed quite normally and its development was also similar to what the Governing Council has accustomed us to:

  • The request for a list of attendees or a polling
  • station was not answered.
  • The opportunity to address the attendees was prevented.
  • There was no management report and the common management prescribed by the Statutes was not presented for approval.
  • The Accounts were much discussed because once again they are not presented as required by the charts of accounts.


  • The Administration said that since they have taken over the administration of the EUC they have received more than two million euros, to which an attendee  replied that in six years that was less than half of what should be received each year for current fees. (€950,000), which was proof of poor collection management. And that what was collected from pending debts was bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, since these debts are paid once and the current quotas remain to nourish the funds of the EUC.


  • In fact, in 2021 the income from fees was €980,451.61, although the current fees were €349,645.16, €135,000 less than in 2020, and insufficient to cover fixed expenses (maintenance and administration).


  • The audit of the years 2018 to 2020 was submitted for approval, although no budgets or possible auditing firms were given, the President stating that when they have them, an Extraordinary General Assembly will be convened. We believe that this is nothing more than delaying the audit.


  • Several budget items were discussed, it was requested to specify what are infrastructures, urban furniture and gardening that together amount to €121,000. And about the repair of the sports court and playgrounds, which are the responsibility of the City Council and that paying for it means one more burden, to add to the IBI and the EUC fee.


  • The vote was not public, but once again it had to be indicated on the voting sheets, which the administrator collected at the end of the meeting. Several attendees were able to introduce themselves in a sealed envelope and with the commitment to be present at its opening and counting. We believe that this voting procedure is still unacceptable because it does not guarantee a transparent and reliable voting process, but it is the best we have been able to achieve.


  • During the meeting, the representative of the City Council announced that the agreement to have a public bus service was about to be closed, as well as the next award of the blocks of works for green areas and sanitation.


  • During question time, the President stated that it is unknown who is responsible for the maintenance of streets, sidewalks, trees, the City Council or the EUC. An attendee revealed that in the six years that the President has been leading the Council, the City Council has not been able to specify the responsibilities, which leaves the neighbors defenseless to claim and the Urbanization in limbo.

We look forward to the prompt publication of the minutes of the meeting.

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