A message to presidents of communities

The EUC has recently published the call to the forthcoming AGM. 

This will be held at the Casa Grande on Friday 26 April. For the full details see the links below.

Please note only presidents of manzanas and blocks or plot and villa owners are eligible to vote. You will need to complete the voting form (see link below) and supply proof of identity. If you cannot attend please ensure that you give your proxy vote to someone who can.   

If you require any information or assistance please contact us at ;

ORIGINAL VERSION (to be used for voting)

ENGLISH TRANSLATION (for information only)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the EUC’s AGM will be held within a few days, we would like to explain why the CERA Committee will ask you to vote against the management made by the Governing Council of the EUC in the past years. Or, better said, the lack of management.

The EUC’s President has been in office for the last seven years. Can anyone recall any problem solved by the EUC during this period? This may be the reason why the EUC’s Board has never submitted its management for approval of the AGM, as the EUC’s Statutes require.

Instead, our money has gone to issues such as putting lights on the “sports court” or renewing the children’s playgrounds, none of these the EUC’s responsibility. While rubble and garbage dumps go on on many roads that the EUC does not consider are tasks of our maintenance company, even if its contract, which terms we do not know, has been modified twice in a short period of time with significant increases in their amount without prior approval by the AGM.

The EUC’s Statutes are systematically ignored or clearly violated by the EUC’s Board. The AGM’s are held without a prior public census of members entitled to vote and those who may be eligible. There is no public democratic control of the votes, that are kept secret.

The EUC’s Board consistently fails to comply with its active reporting obligations and DOES NOT provide the information requested by EUC members, having to resort with complaints to the Transparency Council of Andalusia which has already opened two sanctioning files that we know of. 

It does not have a medium- and long-term plan for better compliance with the object and purpose of the EUC.

The Board itself is not renewed or its vacancies filled within the time limits established on the Statutes.

The EUC’s Board does not control the fees collection carried out by Gestión Tributaria. It does not know which members are currently paying or not and the amount of due fees increases on a recurring basis year after year.

The EUC’s Board submits year after year Annual Accounts that are deficient, that do not comply with the mandatory accounting standard for non-profit entities, and that they do not even bother to sign. There is very little information on revenue and no explanation of the amounts outstanding. 

The EUC’s Board failed to comply with the mandate of the AGM to carry out and AUDIT. An audit firm was contracted to carry out just an “agreed report”, because they were not provided with the necessary information. There were some caveats or irregularities observed in this report, that the EUC’s Board has ignored.

The EUC’s budget that the Board submits for approval is basically the same for the last 15 years, but inflated every year. So those who pay do it in excess to make up for what is not paid by the debtors. In respect of the latest, the EUC’s Board says that more debtors fees are collected each year, as we cannot see it, proper explanation is necessary.

We members of the ECU gathered in the AGM are the supreme governing body of the EUC. For all these reasons, we trust in your good judgment and ask you to vote against the management made by the current EUC’s Board, and if this is not put to vote, VOTE NO to all the proposals made by the Board.

The CERA Committee.

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