EUC AGM Cancelled

The Council of the Urban Planning Conservation Entity of Costa Esuri (EUC) today published the cancellation, sine die of the Ordinary General Assembly scheduled to be held on March 27, 2020, due to everyone’s known health situation.

We believe that this does not prevent the accounts for the 2019 fiscal year from being published.

2 thoughts on “EUC AGM Cancelled”

  1. Brenda saffrey

    Is anyone else on Esuri going stir crazy? I bet there’s plenty, especially the golfers.
    These rules we have to abide by are ridiculous. Don’t the Spanish realise that fresh air and excercise is essential for health and wellbeing. We have acres and acres of open spaces, as long as we abide by the social distancing we will be ok. Non of us wishes to contract the virus and will do what we have to do to keep ourselves safe. Cycling around CE will not infect anyone, walking across the old golf course, or the nature reserve will not infect anyone,( as long as we keep our distance) why on earth can’t we do theses things. Some common sense needs to be had by these people who make these ridiculous rules.
    I see that the national trust has opened its properties in England free of charge. They realise how important it is to have fresh air and excercise.
    What about the children and dogs, they need to get out.

    1. Hello Brenda, thanks for your post. I agree that the restrictions seem a bit harsh, but I think we need to understand that our Spanish friends are suffering at the moment, with infection rates and mortality rates among the highest in the world. We are also lucky in this part of Spain as we don’t seem to have any cases yet.

      I was in Mercadona this morning and it seemed to me that everyone was observing the rules on social distancing and not emptying the shelves of foodstuff, as seems to be happening in parts of Britain. Spain has not reached a peak yet, so things are going to get worse before they get better. Therefore, I think we all need to stick together and stay positive.

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