Every summer, for years, we suffered fires in Costa Esuri. From an attempt at the entrance to Costa Esuri that managed to shut down some neighbors, to the most serious that occurred in 2021, when residents of Las Colinas had to evacuate.

Yesterday, July 17, we had another big scare. A house in Miguel Delibes about to burn, its burned walls are a good witness of it. In addition to firefighters, helicopters, Guardia Civil, and all the help that could be provided.

In 2015, the Residents’ Association got the Fire Chief of this area to make a study of Costa Esuri and made the appropriate recommendations to the City Council, especially firebreaks around Las Colinas and Las Jaras.

Every year, the Residents’ Association requests the City Council to take preventive measures, to oblige to clean private plots. The City Council publishes an Edict, puts it on its bulletin board and considers its obligation fulfilled. Nobody cleans, nobody controls, nobody sanctions.

Of course, it is the City Council itself that gives the worst example, since the entrances to the serfdom of the golf course, and the servants themselves, are the City Council’s and have never been cleaned, despite having complained that they are close to inhabited dwellings.

The only action of the City Council is to set up a work table and excuse themselves with the competences of the ENFOCA. That is, nothing has been done.

What’s the City Hall waiting for to implement the necessary procedures to effectively protect Costa Esuri? 

3 thoughts on “FIRES IN COSTA ESURI”

  1. David Atkinson

    Everyone who has a vacant plot which has dead vegetation and dead grass etc. should be made to clean it up.
    Our thanks go to the Bombeiros and Guadia Civil and other agencies involved in protecting us. Unsung heroes.

    1. Marina Martinez

      Going from Paseo Blasco Ibáñez to Colinas, a road on the right, where is a big house on the corner with two owls over the gate.

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