Further information about the EUC

The “Costa Esuri” Urban Conservation Entity is one of the many EUC’s that exist in Spain in which thousands of owners are integrated in Urbanizations far from the core of the municipal term, as is our case. And very frequently, they are a misunderstood figure due to the lack of adequate knowledge of their concept, their functions and their objectives.

This is a source of discontent among the owners, and of conflict with the EUC’s and the City Council.

We are interested in knowing that the EUC’s are entities of a public nature, administrative entities, which carry out functions that the City Council should carry out in principle, managing elements of the public domain. This radically differentiates them from a Community of Owners. In a Community of Owners private property and others of the community concur, but not public domain property.

The EUC’s, on the contrary, are obliged to preserve the urbanization works and maintain the endowments and facilities of the public services. They conserve and maintain roads, green areas, lighting, etc., which are not theirs, which belong to the City Council. They perform urban functions.

All those who acquire a property in an urban action area are mandated by the urban planning regulations that are members of the EUC and are obliged to pay the fees established by its General Assembly. Whoever acquires a property in an urban action area has to know that this is going to be one of the inherent expenses of their home. It does not appear in your deed of sale. The IBI does not appear either.

The members of the EUC can by themselves challenge the agreements of the General Assembly, the accounts, the votes. The Governing Council can be changed or challenged if you do not agree with its management.

What the members of the EUC cannot do alone is dissolve it. Why? Because the EUC has obligations for which all members respond and will be required of us. Because the dissolution requires that certain requirements established by laws and statutes be met, requirements that today our EUC does not meet even remotely.

That is the reality, whether we like it or not.

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