The Ayamonte Town Hall is the Guardian Body of the Costa Esuri Urban Conservation Entity (the “EUC”).

The EUC is of a legal-administrative nature and its actions are subject to the control and scrutiny of the Ayamonte Town Hall, which guarantees that the EUC complies with the legal and regulatory requirements of the Statutes of the EUC.

Does the Ayamonte Town Hall fulfil its obligations?

With the assistance of the representative of the Town Hall on the EUC Council, agreements such as these have been approved:

  • Approval of the Annual Accounts of the EUC, which do not comply with the principles of information and transparency.
  • Collection of “allowances” by the members of the EUC for attending meetings,
  • Contracts that involve expenses not provided for in the Bylaws for which CERA considers the EUC exceeds its powers.

We have presented numerous appeals regarding the management of the EUC and have never been answered, among them are:

  • Appeal on the payment of expenses for meetings and travel of the members of the EUC;
  • Appeal on agreement of the EUC to annul minutes legitimately drawn up by the Secretary of the EUC;
  • Various appeals challenging EUC meetings;
  • Recently, both by CERA and several residents individually, an appeal has been filed against the agreement of the  EUC to commission a Facebook page for which owners pay € 5,808 per year;
  • Request for a report on the deadline to present appeals to the Town Hall, given the doubts presented by the Statutes.
  • A month ago, a request for information on the number of  homes with an occupancy licence and the amount of IBI collected from them in 2020, as well as a copy of any existing purchase certificates.

The Town Hall has not been exercising its scrutiny and control when its representative attends EUC meetings and does not act on issues such as:

  • Request to audit the accounts of the EUC;
  • Claiming fees from  debtors of the EUC.
  • Requests for the inclusion of points in the Agenda of the EUC;
  • Numerous letters from CERA to the EUC requesting information, none of which have been answered.
  • Requests for a list of non-payers of EUC fees.

And, most important of all:

The Ayamonte Town Hall has “lost” a guarantee amounting to € 1,700,000 that guaranteed the repair and completion of works on the Costa Esuri urbanisation, which it has never satisfactorily explained to owners. The lack of this money will prohibit the execution of the necessary works to complete the Sector 1 Puente Esuri Partial Plan in the manner in which it was approved.

MMD -Sept. 2021 


1 thought on “GUARDIANSHIP BODY OF THE EUC Costa Esuri”

  1. Alan William Young

    Great summary. The Town Hall have treated Costa Esuri as a Cash Cow and have conspiculously failed to ensure the EUC meets its Statutory and Legal Obligations. That they have failed despite numerous requests to account for a Bond totalling €1.7million is evidence of one of their many shortcomings. Failure to collect Fees from Residents is another although it could be argued that if they had collected everything due to the EUC they have simply been relieved of the burden of having to account for it.

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