Help for Nerea

As all the residents know, we do not have public transport in Costa Esuri. It has been a complaint CERA has made to the Town Hall for a long time and, in recent days, we have been having an intense campaign in the media.

Today, a demonstration was held outside Las Encinas by a group of residents to demand action from the Town Hall. This event was covered by local TV, including Canal Sur. See our Facebook page for images.

There are a number of people with transport problems and we have a very difficult situation that needs solidarity from all residents of Costa Esuri.

Nerea Granda is a mother of a seven-year-old girl, who has lived in Las Colinas for a short time and does not have a car.

She has a chronic illness, suffers intense pain and she must travel to Ayamonte frequently for shopping and medical attention.

We would like to hear from people with transport who can help Nerea get into Ayamonte when necessary. If we can get a group of people willing to help, it would not be too heavy a burden on any one person.

Could anyone who is willing to help Nerea please send your phone number or email address to:

vice presidentcera @ gmailcom

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