EUC disinformation.

It has to be made clear that the Facebook page “EUC Costa Esuri is not a page of the EUC, but of the EUYC’s Council.

A comment has been posted on that Facebook page, anonymously, but from The EUC Council, that is who manage it, a comment that needs to be answered, and we will do so with facts, because the facts speak for themselves:

First. The CERA Committee decided to go to the Transparency Council after not having obtained a response from the EUC Governing Council to their requests.

Contrary to what this note says, all our claims have obtained a favorable resolution:

  • The EUC Council in April 2021 was forced to open to the public the website of the EUC and to publish the document of registration in the Register of Urbanistic Entities, the list of existing contracts, income in voluntary period and in executive for the years of 2016-2017-2018-2018-2019-2020, and other documentation that was previously only available to a few owners, such as minutes, statutes, etc..
  • The Transparency Council also requires the publication of information on debtors over €5,000, which the EUC Governing Council has so far failed to do.
  • After another Resolution of January 11, 2023, the President of the EUC Council was forced to send a letter to the Association admitting that there is no agreement with Gestión Tributaria for the management of our dues, which means that there is no control, guideline or knowledge about what Gestión Tributaria does.

Second. The contract with the administrator (MR Managering Madrid, S.L.), establishes among its functions, complete legal advice, including the production of the required legal reports, so there should be no additional cost to be charged to the owners.

Third. The Transparency Council has repeatedly stated that EUC information must be public. The EUC Governing Council cannot force us owners to go to the administration’s offices to see the documentation there, but is obliged to provide it or publish it on the website.


Additional and recent. The transparency of the EUC Council? Hiding the identities of attendees at the General Assembly, so we cannot know who had the right to vote? Also not allowing the owners to attend the vote count? These issues are  being appealed before the Guardianship Body, the Town Hall of Ayamonte. If, as usual, it does not answer, we will expressly request an explanation from the EUC Council and if, as usual, it does not answer either, we will go to the Transparency Council and the Courts of Justice.

The CERA Committee

May 2023


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