We have noticed recently that some neighbours whilst out walking on Costa Esuri have been collecting rubbish from the verges and common areas. 

We applaud this great community spirit and would like to highlight the work they are doing. We would also like to invite other residents of Costa Esuri to join in with this endeavor. 

The Association invites groups of a maximum of four people who are willing to take a garbage bag and collect objects that should have been deposited in the bins.  

This will be a spontaneous volunteer action for those of us who want to take part next Sunday, February 28, weather permitting, in those roads or areas with which  one is most familiar.  

What we collect, we will deposit in the existing containers, with the bag closed.  We would appreciate it if those who do take part send us photos, so we can put them on the website and facebook page.

Photos to  vicepresidentcera@gmail.com

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