Local ordinances for animal protection


Article 5. Obligations.

1.- Every possessor and / or owner of an animal has, with respect to it, the following obligations, without prejudice to the provisions of the other applicable regulations:

a) Keep it in good hygienic-sanitary conditions, performing any treatment that is declared mandatory and providing the veterinary assistance it needs.

b) Maintain it in conditions of accommodation, habitability, security and well-being appropriate to it’s species.

c) Animals may not have balconies, terraces, patios, or spaces without ventilation or light, or exposed to extreme weather conditions as their usual accommodation.

d) They must be provided with drinking water and sufficient and balanced food to maintain an adequate state of nutrition and health.

e) Subject the accommodation to periodic cleaning with removal of excrement and disinfection  when necessary.

f) Prevent the animal from attacking or causing any discomfort and annoyance to people and other animals or causing damage to other people’s property.

g) Protect the animal from any possible aggression or discomfort that other animals or people may cause it.

h) Obtain the necessary authorizations, permits or licenses, in each case, to be in possession of the animal in question.

i) Carry out the registration of the animal in the registers or censuses that correspond in each case, in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance and current regulations.

j) Dogs destined for the surveillance of sites and works must also be subjected to adequate antiparasitic treatments that guarantee the non-proliferation of parasites in order to avoid risks to public health.

k) Report the loss or theft of the animal within a period of 24 hours.

Article 10. Rules of coexistence.

In general, the following minimum conditions are established to facilitate the coexistence between animals and humans:

a) The continued possession of animals on terraces or patios is prohibited, and in any case they must spend the night (between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am) inside the home. In the case of single-family homes, the animals may remain in the gardens of the same as long as the specific conditions for the well-being of the animals that are indicated in article 11 of this Ordinance are met.

b) The owners, tenants or occupants of said buildings must carry out the necessary works and works to maintain, at all times, the necessary safety conditions appropriate to the species and breed of animals. It will prevent the animal from attacking or causing any discomfort and annoyance to people and other animals.

c) In private common spaces, the person who owns or is responsible for the animal is responsible for the damages that this occasion, as well as for the immediate cleaning of the dirt that it could originate.

d) The owner of a companion animal must respect and abide by what is established by the rules of coexistence and the internal regime of the community in which he resides, regarding community companion animals, provided that they are in accordance with the Animal Welfare regime and in compliance with current regulations.

e) The person who owns an animal, without prejudice to the subsidiary responsibility of the owner, is responsible for the damages, losses and annoyances that cause people and animals, property, including roads and public spaces and the environment natural in general, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable civil legislation.

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