maintenance of Costa Esuri

Finally, after more than six years, the Board of the EUC has at least partially read the contract with the Administrator. Of course, they have not yet found out that the Administrator is MR Managering Madrid, and not Playa Managering, as they say in the minutes of their meetings and as it still appears on the web page.

They have verified that among the functions of the Administrator is the control of  maintenance.


The minutes of the Board meeting held on June 22nd , referring to the functions of the Administrator, read as follows:

“Point 3, explicitly states that there will be a daily control and monitoring by the administration staff of all facilities and services belonging to the EUC Costa Esuri, checking the proper functioning of common services and the state of the common elements.”

We would like to remind you of a few things that it seems the administrator has not yet seen:

Street lamps have been broken for some time. They are the responsibility of the EUC. There are several throughout Costa Esuri. This one is on Paseo Blasco Ibáñez.

Trees whose roots break sidewalks, affect private walls and are an accident risk for those passing by.

Calle Miguel de Unamuno is particularly bad with access to wheelchairs and prams severely affected.

We will continue to press for these defects in the  maintenance of Costa Esuri to be resolved  along with all the other issues we have.

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