Meeting of the committee of the Association held on March 13:

Summary of the meeting of the committee of the Association held on March 13:

President’s Report.

  • The President reports on the meeting held with members of the Office of the Ombudsman, in which the lack of resolution regarding the  appeals presented to the City Council and the issues with the bus service was emphasised. We have provided documentation supporting our requests.
  • Given the non-compliance of the Governing Council of the EUC with the Resolution of the Transparency Council regarding information that the former is obliged to publish or provide to the Association, on March 8 we were forced to present the corresponding complaint. Previously, we had informed the Council that we were going to present it.
  • The President also informs about comments that have been made to her about publications on the Association’s website. Our publications allow comments on the same web page in which they are published, and that is where those who are interested should do so.
  • Regarding the sports court in Parcel S1, the opinion held by this committee is reaffirmed that the Council of the EUC cannot maintain this facility at the expense of the neighbours. This is a facility that is on City council land, which the City Council does not recognise and that it represents an expense not approved by the owners. Given that the General Assembly will be held soon, it should have been submitted for approval.
  • We have requested a meeting with the Mayor, together with the Council of the EUC, to talk about the use of M-F guarantees, we still have no news.

Resignation of a member of the Board of Directors.

By email dated March 2, 2022, Mr. David Atkinson submitted his resignation as a member of the Association’s committee for personal reasons. The attendees express their regret at this resignation, as Mr. Atkinson was a valuable member, with many years of experience and intense collaboration with the Association and whose assistance and help will be sorely missed. The President invites residents to consider putting themselves forward and actively participating in the Association.

EUC General Assembly.

The EUC Governing Council has approved an audit of the EUC accounts since 2018. This Association had requested 2019 and 2020. We believe that presenting budgets for four years to the Assembly is unnecessary and represents a significant cost.

On the other hand, at the meeting we held with members of the Governing Council on February 3, we were told that the Association would participate in the auditor selection process. So far we have not received any information in this regard, but, as we stated then, the auditing firm must be registered in the Accounts Auditors Registry.

On March 3, 2022, and ahead of the EUC General Assembly to be held on March 30, we send the following message to the Governing Board:

“To the Governing Council:

We are writing to you in relation to the next General Assembly of the EUC Costa Esuri that will be held on March 31 (the date was later changed to 30) and with the best purpose of collaborating in its development in accordance with the regulations that govern the Entity so that it is an orderly, peaceful meeting, with good manners and useful for the management of the Council and for the members of the EUC, as we all wish.

With this intention, we remind you that the attendees have the right to know at the beginning of the meeting the composition of the Table and the census or list of attendees, with the property coefficient with which they will vote. In addition to being mandatory, you have this information, given the prior registration of all attendees.

We ask you, for the benefit of a transparent voting procedure, that four volunteers be chosen from among the attendees present at the meeting to constitute a Voting Table, which at the end of the Assembly will count the votes and report on them.

The management of the Board during the fiscal year of 2021 must be the subject of a specific item on the agenda of the meeting, in accordance with article 18.2 of the Statutes.

Likewise, the execution of the 2021 budget must be provided, as required by article 40 of the Statutes.

As we informed you at the time, the Council does not have the power to appoint its Vice President, but this corresponds to the General Assembly (Arts. 21, C) and 27.2 of the Statutes). If the Vice President appointed at the General Assembly of October 29, 2021 does not wish to continue in this position, what is appropriate is that a new President be elected at the General Assembly of March 31, after the presentation of the candidates who wish to opt for that charge.

In another order of things, it would be necessary to regularise the Statutes of the EUC Costa Esuri, to adapt them to the applicable legislation currently in force and, where appropriate, submitting to the approval of the General Assembly, duly explained, the modifications that are have done in the course of time and are not duly approved and registered,

In this sense, and also given the social and economic changes that have occurred since the approval of the current Statutes, in reality what would be desirable is a total revision of the same to adapt them to the reality of the EUC, avoid confusing or defective articles drafted, correct deficiencies and contradictions, and definitely give all owners the vote, as is correct in a democratic society.

Regardless of the foregoing, documents are presented for approval to be sent to owners inviting them to participate in this Assembly, either by attending personally or by delegation, since it is a right and obligation that all members of the EUC have. They will be published on the Association’s website and will be sent to the owners as soon as the Assembly is convened.”

Fathers day March 19.

In relation to the Father’s Day event that we are organising jointly with the Brotherhood of the Good Death, we will print posters that all the members of the committee will contribute to distribute and paste throughout Costa Esuri.

We’ll be spreading the word this week with radio and Facebook interviews.

Throughout the day on Saturday we will have an Association table and we will take turns so that there is always someone from the committee present.

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