On Monday, July 10, members of the CERA Committee met with Councilors Mr. Mayo (Traffic), and Mss. Ogáyar (Urbanism) and Ortega (Citizen Participation).

It was a first meeting to present the actions that we consider necessary to be carried out in Costa Esuri to improve security, the living conditions and the entire Development in terms of services that a community with more than 3,000 permanent residents must have.

We insist a lot on the security aspect in the area of the shopping center of Lomas de Esuri, exposing the risks caused by the layout of Miguel de Unamuno street at that area, making a curve, with two blind spots aggravated by cars parked on sidewalks.

The situation was well understood and we will send the Traffic Councillor a proposal for measures to be adopted as a matter of urgency.

We also raised the need for a civic or multipurpose center, which would house both services of the City Council and others for the community (language classes, computer, activities for children and adults, etc.). 

We were told that there is a firm intention to install a Citizen Attention office, without commitment about its development in a multipurpose center.

We discussed the management situation of the EUC, on which Mr Mayo explaained that it is a controversial entity and that the neighbors of Costa Esuri have been patient, although the idea of collaboration should prevail.

We exhibited up to 16 reqquests (bus service, communications, diversion of big lorries, urban discipline, garbage, bike path, etc.), of which the Councillors took note and we hope they take into consideration for its implementation.


15 JULY 2023


  1. Edwin Charles Haywood

    I live in the complex vista esuri, gate one, facing the street of hell ,other wise known as Juan Pablo 11. The heavy traffic has increased tenfold especially from the building fraternity, when the waggons and concrete mixer waggons drive over those exceptionally high ramps the sound is tremendous especially when they return empty. I would imagine it is over the limit allowed by the European Union for this level of noise to be allowed in an existing urbanisation. I have even taken to wearing industrial ear muffs to cut out the sound on occasion, one should not have to live with doors and windows closed in this lovely climate. Someone asked me if it was tranquil in esuri, no l replied its hell.

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