Meeting with the Mayor

Last Wednesday, November 6, CERA held a meeting with Ms. Natalia Santos, Mayor of Ayamonte.

Below is a summary of the issues discussed:

Children’s bus, needs to extend its route to Las Colinas, since it currently only reaches Las Encinas.

General bus: insufficient current schedules. The Mayor told us the arguments of DAMAS, that little use is made by the residents of this service; we informed her that the bus had inadequate schedules for the needs of Costa Esuri and was also unreliable since it often failed to meet schedules and routes.

We believe that the Mayor understood the situation.

Repair works for hidden defects, whose first phase may be nearing completion and that it seems necessary for the City Council to verify the execution of the works. A visit to the Planning Area has been arranged for this purpose, with the presence of members of CERA.

The need for a social centre, not only for social activities, but also for residents to be able to locate services such as a defibrillator, medical or nursing consultations and necessities.

The situation of the sports court, which is necessary to maintain and clean, put bins in the area and improve access.

Letters submitted to the City Council and to which we are getting no replies, such as one concerning the apparent loss of the guarantee of the 1.7 million euros. 

The need for an interlocutor between the City Council and CERA, which the Mayor has appointed and with whom we hope to maintain a  fruitful relationship.

Mrs. Natalia Santos was already knowledgeable about most of these matters, especially those related to the bus, to which solution they are giving priority.

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  1. Thank you very much for keeping us up to date with all the news, it is much appreciated, as we don’t spend all the time in Costa Esuri we feel we understand all that is going on.

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